James Durbin Era 3
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
He just released Smackdown to iTunes: https://t.co/IViSitNCc3
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Smackdown debuted at #6 on Loudwire's Battle Royale this week:


So I know it’s been a while since my last update…I’m sorry original.gif
All of my spare time has been spent in the studio. Rocker Studio’s in Santa Cruz to be exact. I’ve been working my ass off recording this record. In case you forgot, we’re recording 15 songs!!! Not only that but last week I was in LA for 10 days of rehearsals and performing at the American Idol Series Finale…“for now”. It was such an incredible time hanging out with all the Idol contestants throughout the years and we even had a Season 10 reunion!

But now that I’ve been back home, I’ve been in the studio almost every night.
All of the drums, bass, guitars & percussion are finished recording. Now our main focus is lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, pianos, pads, synths, etc. Then it’s mixing time!! I can assure you that these songs are kicking ass and that you will be able to feel the love and work we’ve put into them, from the writing to the playing to the mixing. It’s a labor of love.

As I write this, I am simultaneously fulfilling your Pledges.
-The exclusive Pledge T-Shirt design is being printed
-I’m hand drawing the artwork on the Skateboard Decks
-Disposable Camera’s are at Rocker Studio’s slowly filling up
-Thank You cards have been written & are ready to send
-Lyrics Sheets are being written
-My personal custom hand made Lyrics book is ready to send
-My Black Epiphone SG has helped me write so many songs, has been recorded on this album & has toured with me. That too is ready to send.
-And everything else is following closely behind

I know how ready you are to have this brand new album in your hands and in your ears. Just know that I’m just as restless hahaha!!

Thank you again and again!!
Thank you everyone for everything,




James has been doing some live broadcasting on Facebook while recording in the studio. Anyone who'd like to see what goes down in a recording studio should check out these videos, fascinating stuff:

We Are the Unknown (lead vocals): https://www.facebook.com/DurbinRock/vide...574858666/

We Are the Unknown (backing vocals): https://www.facebook.com/DurbinRock/vide...418190015/

I'm Already Gone: https://www.facebook.com/DurbinRock/vide...137982943/

City of Nightmares: https://www.facebook.com/DurbinRock/vide...91314581//
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Casey providing guest vocals on the song Scratches and Cheap Beer:

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Interview with Screamer Magazine:

Quote:...As his new single Smackdown has been released with positive reception, fans are growing more and more excited about his third studio album which has yet to be given a title. Since the release of his first album Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster released in 2011 and Celebrate released in 2014, Durbin has grown a lot personally and musically. He has high hopes for the new record which is being funded via crowdsourcing. “My first album was recorded in two and a half weeks so that in itself was pretty crazy. I had a lot of time to work on my second record but a lot of things were changed and I had to make the best of the situation, I took the album under my wing and tried to write as many songs as possible. I love the songs on the album, I just don’t enjoy playing them live. They’re great songs, but from a songwriting standpoint, they just come from a different place, a different meaning” Durbin admits. “With the third record, I have been able to really take my time with it and there are few songs that have I finished years ago and even one I wrote when I was 19. It’s really cool that I can put that one on there. So it’s been a lot nicer being able to have more creative control and decide the direction as well as writing the songs” Durbin verbalizes. “There’s no A&R person, I am the A&R Person, I am the label. I did a crowdfunding campaign through Pledge Music and raised the funds to make the record. It has been tremendous so far. I have been extremely budget friendly and keeping the sound quality and using my band along with doing everything locally here in Santa Cruz. I feel like I have done good for my community and therefore my community is helping me to continue to do good things. I believe in this music so it is amazing to know other people believe in it as well. Plus, it gives them a chance to help pick the artwork and receive the music a bit sooner” Durbin graciously admits...

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
James is headlining the first annual Autism Rocks concert at CityWalk in LA tomorrow, tickets are free. This event is going to get quite a bit of media coverage and radio personnel will be in attendance.

Will post videos of his set as I find them.
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Found videos from the Autism rocks concert, James whole set except for City of Nightmares which he performed last:

Outcast (MOABD)

Smackdown (latest single):

This was definitely the right song to lead the new album, it's the most rock radio friendly of all the new songs I've heard.

Liberate (MOABD)

N1N9TEEN (new):

This is a good and catchy punk song, I like it.

Lost In the Shadows (new):

Another punk song. It's ok, doesn't really grab me like most of the other new songs I've heard.

Your Love (The Outfield cover):

It sounds great live but I've never cared for this 80s punk tune. He recorded it for the album, don't know why. I would've preferred him to record his cover of Rainbow In the Dark.

Scratches and Cheap Beer (new):

Sounds awesome, very catchy. I think this is the best of the punk songs. Casey Abrams features on the studio recording.

Love In Ruins (MOABD)

Mustang Living (new):

Another punk song. I don't find this as catchy as most of the other new songs I've heard, kind of forgettable.

We Are the Unknown (new):

This is one of the hard rock songs and one of my favourites on the new album. Great vocals, great lyrics, great guitar solo.

Rainbow In the Dark (Dio cover):

Flawless as always.

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
James announced on Loudwire yesterday the title of the album (Riot on Sunset), the release date (July 15th) and dates for first leg of his upcoming tour.

All details here:


If you've never seen James live, like the new stuff and he's playing near you, go see him. He puts on a hellava good show.
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Oh and James has a new official website now:

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Smackdown has finally taken the top spot on Loudwire's Battle Royale:

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Quote:"No One Cares More Than You Do..." Those have been the words in the back of my mind while making this album. Some songs came from outside writers, that I had no hand in writing. Others were written together with multiple opinions going into all aspects. But the majority of these songs were written from my hand, my mind, my voice, my heart. Some of these songs beat harder in my chest than others, but they are all key ingredients to making "Riot On Sunset" a complete piece of art. The greatest thing I'm proud of with this album above all else, is the fact that it even got made in the first place. This time last year I had the worst writer's block I've ever experienced (among other things, but I'm ‪#‎TooBlessedToBeStressed‬). The perseverance of my fans to rally with me through my Pledge Music Campaign shows me how much you really care about my artistry, my music, my voice and what I have to say and show that's different from what else is out there. You've stuck with me through thick and thin, through rock and pop, through good times and bad. And what do we have to show for that? This album. "Riot On Sunset". The album I've been thinking about for the past 2 years of my life. Now, the countdown has begun. The stage is set. The people are ready. I'm back.
"With A Riot On Sunset"...


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