James Durbin Era 3
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Anyone who wants a physical CD will have to go to one of his shows, the first one is in Portland tomorrow. Otherwise if you buy the album on CD Baby make sure you download the flac files then you can burn your own:


I wish the album was streaming somewhere so all of you can hear it. My favourite is Beautiful followed by Scratchers n Cheap Beer, City of Nightmares and Keeps Me Alive. My least favourites are Lost In the Shadows and Broken but they're still good songs, all the songs are good.
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
One for James' scrapbook.

Quote:JAMES DURBIN ‏@DurbinRock 2h
[Image: 1f62d.png][Image: 1f64f-1f3fb.png][Image: 1f421.png][Image: 1f4a9.png]

[Image: CnwMdqkUMAAmu6m.jpg:small]
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
^Was worried when I saw that but he made it to Seattle. Tusk was there I saw his pics on twitter. Can't wait to read his recap of the show!
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
There was actually a chance I was going to go check Durbin out when I saw he was coming to Seattle. I've followed him awhile on Twitter and he only just followed me earlier this year after I tweeted a couple things about Season 10 being the best and how there ought to be a reunion.

It really depended on traffic. I don't actually live in Seattle... the employees of the HUGE industries here, Microsoft, Tmobile, Amazon, Boeing etc have priced most average earners out of that area real estate is ridiculous now, so a trip to Seattle, around rush hour that can sometimes start at 1pm and go til past 7 pm... well, I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with that.

So when the time came, I took off work early, had time to walk the dogs. I realised that James had 3 bands in front of him... I really didn't need to be there 'early'. Also, buying tickets online, there was a $4.50 service charge, so I called the venue to find out if I could buy them at the door. There were plenty of tickets, a young lady informed me, so I headed out.

I was happy to find out that the traffic was going the other way...there was congestion, a Mariners game was scheduled tonight, but not gridlocked, so I made good time to the venue

It was in an... 'awkward' location, oddly shaped area the venue was located in, some guys talking and smoking out front..... there appeared to be another bar/venue next door. I was surprised to find parking feet away from the entrance. I asked a guy at the other venue if it was OK to park where I did, he said, yes.... there was really nobody there and I'd arrived 10 minutes before the first act.

[Image: CnxmYVaUMAAYFFs.jpg]

I then went to talk to the guy sitting outside the venue...are camera's allowed? What size camera... Oh a small one? That's no problem..

I then asked if James had his meet and greet already, he told me that James had broken down, the meet and greet would have to be after the show (I'd seen James tweet the state of his van earlier) So I went to grab my camera, paid my $12 and walked in... The decor was typical for that type of venue. It had a good sized stage (I'd seen Haley and Casey perform on smaller) A bar was indeed next door. I went ahead and ordered a beer. There was a window in the 'front' of the bar, at the entrance.. I could order food there.. it was limited, what was amusing was the way you got the attention of the person manning the kitchen....

[Image: Cnxn3gsUEAA72IN.jpg]

So I ordered 3 $1 tacos and waffle fries. They weren't too bad. Before long, I made my way to the stage, time to scout a good spot. The first opening bad was just tuning up, they had started late. A 3 piece band, with a bass playing 'front woman' They were pretty decent, good sound. There were maybe.... 15 people in the audience? The next band started their set with a pretty decent Doors cover.. I forget which song. They had more fans on the floor.

As this was going on, I first thought I should position myself next to the sound board, but I remembered... The Camera didn't fare too well when I was in front of Haley at the mic check in San Diego, but I had better audio when I sat on stage right at the show. So I saw there was a nook near a merch table for one of the bands. What do you know? There was also a stool, upside down on the ledge. perfect.

While I was fiddling w/ my camera, preparing a 2nd battery in case I needed it, I looked to my left. There was a guy sitting at another merch table. He had a splash of blonde hair under a hat, he was intently concentrating on a piece of paper, writing something down...

Then it dawned on me...."James"? He heard me and looked to his right, "Yeah"
I got up and went over to meet him. Asked if I could take a pic, so he posed for me....

[Image: Cnx9osPVMAEg_PN.jpg]

He was very friendly (despite his issues getting here.. he told us what happened to his van on stage) I shook his hand, introduced myself as "Tusk" a big fan of Haley's (in retrospect, I'm not sure if that was a proper thing to say... most artist aren't interested in talking about other artists Tongue But honestly, he follows me, it's what I'm 'known' for in this small fish pond, so kind of appropriate an introduction? ) he recognised the name, "Oh, you're Tusk?" I told him I'd seen Casey a couple times up here... told him I might be videotaping tonight. I also asked him if he might sing a Beatles song, he said he wouldn't be Tongue So I got a cd from him, the new one, he signed it....

[Image: Cnx-Xg0UsAE2gNJ.jpg]

and said "Casey's on that CD too" I told him I knew Smile So I went back to my seat so he could organize. Unlike Haley, James was doing his own merch. So after he wrote the set list, he proceeded to set up the table, pull out a ledger to record his sales, then covered it all up with a black drape.
[Image: Cnx_zo0VIAA5Abb.jpg]

Time to do sound check.. it was a quick turn around, I think the bands had like 10 minutes or so. There was really not a lot of people in front of the stage when James started playing.. I figure they were still in the bar. Eventually, people started filling the stage. Still not a lot of people, I'd be surprised if there were more than 50... then again, Haley and Casey have performed at smaller venues, just this was a bigger stage.

The performance was energetic, there were interludes where James showed some of his personality, relaying what happened on his way to the venue (He ended up signing it away, the van was a total loss...they would be renting for the rest of the trour Tongue).... talking about how society wants everyone to be the same, but he thinks society needs to celebrate the differences, it's the differences which make society grow. He really put on a good show. He interacted with his band mates, with the crowd... he played to the smallish audience as if he were playing to a much bigger venue.... Eventually the crowd thickened, people started dancing and banging their heads to the beat. There were actually quite a few older fans there.... I get it with Haley, her Jazz and such, but these were older James fans... I figure they must be fans of his Idol days.

The set went by quickly... in my mind it felt like he only did 6 maybe 7 songs. I saw a lady with the set list and asked her if she would let me take a picture of it, so I knew the names of the songs. A gentleman she was talking to said there was another one I could have, and pulled it off the stage...

[Image: CnyVH3eXYAAicxa.jpg]

I was back in my 'perch' I thought I'd wait 'til near the end to talk to him again, wish him well. In the mean time, I watched him at the merch table, with his fans. Every time someone came to the table, "Hi, What's your name?" and a handshake Smile He patiently listened to each one, some seemed to be overly long IMO, but he paid them complete attention. Of course he was happy to take a picture with fans... the members of another band talked to him ( the ones that covered the Doors), I didn't hear the entire conversation, but it seemed his time on Idol was discussed... they said they'd never watched Idol, he talked about having like 30 costume changes... I couldn't be too sure if they were being genuine or not.. I mean if you don't watch Idol, how do you know him from Idol? Anyway... he complimented them on their set, and they left friendly, so maybe they were being genuine Tongue

Eventually, I got in line... I decided to go ahead and buy another CD, his first. I told him "Don't tell Haley, but at the beginning You were my pick... I mean that Judas Priest..." and so on LOL I asked a young lady ( I saw her take photos w/ a DSLR) if she would take a pic of us. He said to make sure to tag him on Twitter... and then I was away on my way home... I was glad I went.

To summarize.... He was a very friendly and humble person, gratitude comes to mind, when I watched him... it actually reminded me of how Haley and Casey are with fans. They all look their fans in the eyes, complete attention... would it be a stretch to think this is their time on Idol at work? Their endurance test, how they honed this very important aspect of their career... I was very impressed by James the person.

I'm not the metal head I used to be in the 80's and 90's... my tastes have changed since then, so I'm not sure if the 20 year old me would appreciate this genre of music more than the 2016 me.

I did enjoy myself, James sounded great, he had good controls on his high notes, and his guitarist was pretty good. I also told James I'd watched from 'afar' and hope the best for him and his family.

I think maybe that's what I saw in James too... the fact that he's a Dad and has a family, that translates to his demeanor? I mean, if your really think about it, James is the ONLY S10 Idol with a family he needs to support. All the others, they just need to take care of themselves. I think his being a parent definitely informs the person he is today, his demeanor and attitude. Hard working and gratitude... two things I took away from watching James perform and with his fans Smile

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Thank you for the recap TuskBig Grin

So glad you enjoyed it, sounds like he put on a great show.

What I take from this, more than anything else, is how much James really loves performing and interacting with his fans.

Hope to hear your thoughts on the album after you've listened to it a couple of times. The song with Casey is one of my favourites on there.

Some other thoughts after rereading this:

James stance on society accepting differences: not that I think James is trying to make a political statement but it does strike a blow to the globalism that's promoted by today's politicians and mainstream media. As people like James can attest this type of mindset is completely out of touch with reality.

Older fans: yes, just like Haley and Casey, James still has some fans from his run on Idol and we all know that Idol's viewership, especially in the latter seasons skew around 40+ years. It's usually at shows where he's an opening act that there are more younger fans, and more males.

Numbers: from what I can tell, they're down from his first headlining tour but I expected this. Wind-up really set him back with their pop experiment (Celebrate) as he built up a lot of momentum during his MOABD era. I hope he can get some slots as a opener or at some festivals next year if not this year.

Haley and Casey: the only other 2 from S10 who's music I buy. Out of all the S10 alums these 3 really are in a class above the others. They are 3 of the best artists to ever come out of Idol and are incredibly gifted as vocalists, songwriters, musicians or performers. Not to mention genuinely good and hard working people. They deserve all the recognition and success they get.

Ah Tusk I think this is one of guys from that other band who spoke to him at his merch table:

calebkallander Wrote:Such a great time playing El Corazon tonight with James Durbin.
Their bus broke down in Vancouver earlier today, so they rented cars and brought all their gear up to play anyway. Ive known bands who cancel for smaller things. The show must go on!

This guy really knows what it's about to play music, and it's so cool relating to such strong feelings towards music and being a career musician. Lot of respect for this guy. And they played an absolutely amazing show. Great night.
#jamesdurbin #theshowmustgoon #elcorazon #seattle #rocknroll #direfire #americanidol

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RE: James Durbin Era 3
He was one of the guys who talked to James, but not the ones who were talking to him about Idol... either way, I might have been reading too much into it. I think if James sensed he was being mocked for being on Idol, he might not have been so outwardly friendly to them

Actually, you're right, these are the guys, I found this video of them, Dire Fire...the guy singing lead, I saw him go up to James and told him how impressed he was with James, saying alot of nice things that James appreciated

Being a fan of Haley and Durbin's....that's a very, very small subset...even now I'm getting a little backlash for posting James' performance on my channel...

"How does this relate to the Haley channel?"

Something about their fan bases, it seems there's a knee jerk to not like the other.

It's possible it could also be because of the poor audio (it sounded better on my speakers this morning when I edited than it does now Tongue) so I'm not sure I'll be posting any of the other vids since they'll probably have similar issues w/ the distorted bass sounds Undecided
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Yeah I saw that comment and answered it. Man some people get so touchy feely over nothing.

As for the other videos, well I hope you do post them but it's up to you. You could just make them private and share them with me if you want. I didn't share this video until you made it public.
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Maybe they never watched Idol before he was on it.

Quote:Dire Fire
Yesterday at 11:35am ·

Tonight!!! We open for the great James Durbin from American idol season 10! He was one of our favorite singers from the show, and now we get to open for him at 7:00 tonight at El Corazon in Seattle for only $10!
Come out, friends, family, everybody! Tickets available at direfireband.com
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RE: James Durbin Era 3

It's unlisted for now, I found a way to not send a notice to subscribers when I publish it... It's better audio. You can tweet it out if you like
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RE: James Durbin Era 3
Thank you broSmile

He sounds really good, almost no difference hearing these songs live compared to the recorded versions.

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