Day 1, album #3?
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Day 1, album #3?
Quote:Anders Grahn
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Day 1 with Rob Kleiner & Haley Reinhart and we're off to a great start!

[Image: CtAdc6QXgAASZCb.jpg]

screen cap via pj
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
Chiara Kramer is one of the people who like Anders' post.

Quote:Clare Reynolds

Hugs to you all xxxx
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
1. Exciting!
2. With the same (great) people involved, how different can it sound? Great musicians have great variation, but everybody also has their own language.

Whatever it is: definitely looking forward to it!

Tomorrow evening she'd have been here in Berlin - I hope they produce something fantastic tomorrow!
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
So...what are we to make of this? Someone is ponying up the bucks to get Haley back into the studio. And so soon. How many years between "Listen Up" and "Better"--almost four right?

Is it Ole? Or maybe Haley has another label lined up and ready to release a new CD? I hope so. As much as I love Ole and their support of Haley, IMHO, she really needs a label support/operation to push her out more on radio and in the public eye.

BUT, still hoping that "Listen" or "I Belong To You" at least gets a video/and or is released as a single....I still think "Better" has some legs if one of those songs could catch fire...

STILL, glad to see she is working with both Rob and Anders again--love the songs and production when they work together...OH MY!

In any case, this is very exciting.
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
Quote:Andrew de Anda
35 mins ·

May or may not be hanging out with Haley Reinhart at karaoke in Nashville, Tennessee tonight! Yes, there was karaoke. Yes, it was amazing.

I'm going to put this here, because it's possible they shared what they recorded in LA with someone in Nashville, or she traveled there to work with someone else. Or the guy is full of...

If she's there, it seems like she's traveled to that region several times over the years in a low-key way.
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
I've heard that Nashville actually has the best recording studios. It could be a decision to record a track there.
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
I wonder if she'll move towards a more 'pop' sensibility...she's dabbled w/ it in some songs we've heard supposedly written for others... I'd like to think, with her third album, we'll see an evolution towards more complex compositions like we hear echoes of in Love is Worth Fighting For, Listen or I Belong to You, the album before she comes up with her 'Sgt Peppers' or 'Dark Side of the moon'.... TongueCool
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
While this is potentially exciting news, I'm not ready for album 3 yet! I still need to get my hands on "Better". Tongue Blush

Though it does get my mind wondering as to what sound the next album could have, and what album art is in the future.

Haley's definitely had some of the more unique album covers than what you typically see from someone from Idol. Her's tell a story. So hoping the next story is as interesting as the last two. Smile
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RE: Day 1, album #3?
[Image: 14474320_175719712832390_2821209419394580480_n.jpg]

Happy to have spent 4 days with the incredible talents that are @haleyreinhart & @rob_kleiner - resulting in 4 new songs that we're super proud of!
Can't wait to get this out there!

Love love love*

*Always appreciate a Beatles reference, even unintentionally, when it comes to Haley Wink

h/t Avelene
12-08-2016, 01:31 PM,
RE: Day 1, album #3?
Can I ask if anybody here knows if Haley is currently working on her next album and that that is the reason why there hasn't been any updates, no nothing in what feels like months?

I've been a Haley fan since day 1 on American Idol. I took a big detour during a vacation in the US (I'm from Europe) to see her during the American Idol tour. And I've been following her career very closely checking this forum every other day for the past years.

But at this point, I'm really frustrated. First the Europe Tour has been postponed on short-notice. Which was fine, as it sounded like it was because of something bigger, exciting happening. But in the last weeks and months, I found myself only returning to this forum every other week really - because I feel like there is nothing happening. No news, no updates, no new covers, videos. Her FB is pretty much dead in terms of her career - apart from the occasional post of her private life. Which I find verrryy frustrating, as I'm a huge fan and I really thought things were heading in a different direction with her. Cant help falling in love, PMJ, the album..she was creating a lot of buzz. And now it's as if it's all fading Sad

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