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Came across this article. It made me think of Haley's use of tv/film composers on the new album and the viral success of "Can't Help Falling in Love" as well as the many synchs from "Listen Up!" and the commercial use of "Show Me Your Moves."


...Bianchi called up Weinstein Corp shortly after this introduction to discuss in detail the music of emerging UK singer/songwriter – and Various client – Barns Courtney.

Thanks to a pitch by Universal Music (where Courtney is signed to Virgin/EMI in the UK and Capitol in the US) and publisher SONGS, Courtney’s Fire had been commissioned for use in Weinstein movie Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper and released in November 2015.

...“Barns then walked the red carpet with Bradley Cooper in London and New York. Out of that came People Magazine coverage, and out of that SiriusXM really got on board. And that in turn gave Capitol the story they needed to start working the track at Triple-A radio in the US.”

To date, Barns Courtney’s Fire has sold 200,000 copies in the States, as well as going Top 3 on Triple-A radio – while remaining on the Alternative airplay chart for a 52 week run.

The point being... Barns Courtney is being broken big-time through synchronization.

And we mean big-time: to date, according to estimates from those MBW has spoken to in ad-land, he’s clocked up more than 50 placements – and generated more than $1m across recorded music and publishing from global licensing fees alone.

Since Burnt, standout syncs for Fire have appeared in a run of major US TV shows, including Ellen, Teen Wolf, So You Think You Can Dance and coverage of the NBA Playoffs.

Across Fire and fellow single Glitter & Gold, the likes of Burberry, Volkswagen, Renault, Miller Lite, ITV and Taco Bell have all used – and paid for – Courtney’s music.

“We signed Barns towards the end of 2015,” explains GM of SONGS Music Publishing UK, Gerard Phillips. “Thanks to all this sync activity, he’s already recouped and then some – and he hasn’t even got an album out yet.

“It’s not like he’s had a few syncs and it’s dropped away – it’s remained constant for over a year.”

Dave Bianchi has two pre-eminent reactions to Barns Courtney’s TV/ads/movie-led prosperity.

First: the good. He’s ecstatic, obviously.

“This level of success with syncs makes everyone feel more comfortable spending money and taking chances on an artist,” says Bianchi, who makes special mention of a recent Renault ad in France which propelled Courtney’s EP to No.35 on the market’s iTunes album chart.

Various Artists saw a similar reaction to ITV’s use of Glitter & Gold on its ‘Where Drama Lives’ trailer in Q4 2015, after which the song leapt up to No.1 on Spotify’s Viral chart and No.2 on the UK iTunes alternative rankings.

Adds Bianchi: “All of this buys us longevity to build Barns’s career. We can tell people like his music because every time they hear it, they engage more with it – Shazam it, buy it, stream it, watch it on YouTube.

... the plot now begins towards his debut album, due later this year – and the job of capitalizing on the extraordinary support shown for his music by advertisers and movie/TV executives.

The day the LP is released, Courtney will head out to tour in the US for three solid months.

According to Bianchi, Team Barns will then be concentrating on the markets where they’re finding the loudest spots of support, with the UK – currently, anyway – not high on this list.

In an age of online global reach, reasons the manager, it doesn’t make much sense to automatically prioritize an artist’s home nation over any other territory.

Instead, you follow the buzz.

“Everybody’s terrified to admit this because it makes them look like a poor manager, poor label or whatever, but the truth is 50% of this business has always been about luck,” says Bianchi.

“There are people that generate their own luck and there are people that don’t. Barns is definitely one of those that does, and it’s our job to make strategic decisions that ensure this [good fortune] isn’t wasted.”

He adds: “I rather suspect that when it comes to the end of Barns’s album campaign, it will look like a total mess in traditional campaign terms.

“But we’ll come out battered, bruised and covered in blood – having scored a proper victory.”

He's 26. "Courtney previously led the British indie band called SleeperCell, who featured on Channel 4's Orange Unsigned competition[8] before fronting the Indie/Punk band Dive Bella Dive..."

I like his sound.


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