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during the US tour, they were supposed to send out notice 3 days in advance of the show. The meet and Greet 'should' be before the show because it includes a mic's possible it's after, but some of Haley's shows are back to back, having it afterwards doesn't make sense as far as traveling goes.

XAtlantic called the venue in Berlin, they said the tour organizer is supposed to take care of it, which would make sense of Haley to hire one entity to do all of that for a tour overseas. On the US tour, it was up to the ticket reseller, which meant people got notice at different times, if at all. In San Diego, I never got notice because the Belly Up sold the ticket, not ticket master etc. Team Haley texted me the info because I had told them the night before at the El Rey, that I hadn't received any info.....

I'm pretty sure 'gigs and tours' is taking care of this for Haley, as they've been doing some of the promotion. They are on Twitter, so if we haven't heard any info, I'd tweet them to see if you can get a response.
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RE: Introduction
Hmm, thanks for the small bits of insight! I did get my ticket via TicketMaster - I guess they would/should be sending the info?

It's been tough getting a hold of the venue itself (Bitterzoet, Amsterdam) - actually, I couldn't get a hold of them. Sent a few e-mails, tried their Facebook page and even called them a few times. Nothing. It was only after I tweeted to Paradiso that I got a response; Bitterzoet is like a second location for Paradiso - the main club/venue. They couldn't tell me anything when I first contacted them, but after they 'checked', they said it's supposedly after and I would be receiving more info approximately 1 week before the concert.

I'll have a look and see if I can get some info from 'gigs and tours', thanks for the suggestion! Will report back later Smile
Edit: had a look at their website and it looks they've only listed three concerts - the ones in the UK. I'm guessing they're not responsible for concerts elsewhere in Europe.
On TicketMaster, it lists the venue (Bitterzoet) as promoter.

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