"What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
Derogatory comment on the YT album version of "White Rabbit" from a Grace Slick fan that was made a week ago, which drew a response from Haley that included a little bit of news.

Quote:Mona Garrison

There is only one person who can sing this song and it is the song's author and original artist,, Gracie Slick. I heard this on discovery of witches and was appalled by how horrible it sounded. If they cannot get the rights to the original recording than find something else, Not a fourth rate cover.

Quote:Haley Reinhart

Just got another film placement with my cover of this song today, go figure! Huge Grace Slick fan along with that entire era of classic rock. I recorded it to tape and actually got Jefferson Airplanes blessing on this, so take a hike Mona!
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
Good for Haley for sticking up for herself, but (and this might be an unpopular opinion), I feel like the "take a hike" was unnecessary. The OP's comment was blunt to be sure and not one I agree with, but it was still her opinion, and answering rudeness in kind isn't the most productive act. Haley's done this sort of thing before, too.

Not everyone is going to like everything (or even anything) Haley does and will state that in no uncertain terms, and I think she could learn to deal with that a bit better.
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
The criticism isn't near as bad as what I see on the Ribfest performance of White Rabbit.  Something about Jefferson Airplane fans they're especially protective of the band's music, especially of Grace Slick.  As you know, Haley covers a ton of artists, in nine years I have not encountered a fan base that's as openly vicious in their postings, as openly misogynistic and mean spirited.

Some might say it's the outfit she wore at Ribfest that invites those kinds of post, but I post the Ribfest playlist on every RF video and NONE of the other videos from that show get even close to the vitriol posted on the White Rabbit video from JA fans.

I don't see Radiohead fans freaking out on Haley's RF's "Creep," I don't see Elvis fans calling her a sl*t, nor do I see Blind Faith/Steve Winwood/Traffic fans trashing on her for "Can't Find My Way Home", not near as much as the JA fans do on White Rabbit.  It's really ridiculous how over the top angry/insulted their fans seem to be.

Maybe sometimes in Haley's down time, she reads comments on other videos, possibly videos on my channel.  Maybe she has seen the types of comments that were posted on them (When Jay was managing Haley, he would remind me to keep an eye on the comments on WR, so Jay was reading them, it's possible Haley was too)

Initially, I would try and counter what's posted, telling people that Haley gets her love of Grace Slick/JA from her Mother, that Haley and Patti often perform JA songs at their shows.  But more often than not, they'll just get more angry.  So now, I just delete the comments**.  Some people just have to get what ever is poisoning them out, some do that on the comments sections.

OTOH, my WR video gets equally if not more, good comments, so in the end, it's a good thing.

That being said, maybe not the best comment to post, but Haley's only human, she's brushed off years of doubt of her talent & decisions for most of her professional life, so I think she's allowed every now and then to let off some steam.  It's uncharacteristic but human....

**I allow for negative comments, sometimes rude comments.  But when they get over the top or violent, I delete them

*** It should be noted that Haley's other JA covers don't get the same types of post as WR does either, "Somebody to Love" often gets positive comments, so maybe the issue w/ JA fans are anyone that covers "White Rabbit"?
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
I agree it's unprofessional. And rare that she responds this way. In this case, I think it might be because the person sought out the video to disparage it and made not one, but two insulting remarks ("appalled by how horrible it sounded" and "fourth rate cover"). That's a lot of effort to be ugly.

To the best of my recollection, usually when Haley breaks the fourth wall, so to speak, it's not in response to someone critcizing her music.
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
It is rare, for sure, which is why it sticks out for me when Haley does it. And no doubt an understandable slip of her temper (a la "I get it!" to Randy in the top 4 epi of AI, but he deserved that 100 percent XD). Hopefully she can continue to keep the high ground most of the time (like in most of her response to that commenter).

Interesting reflections on the testy nature of Jefferson Airplane fans (and White Rabbit fans in particular) relative to other classic rock fanbases. I recall Haley taking some guff from a few Janis Joplin fans when she did that online mini concert (at the official fansite's request) but I seem to recall much more positive than negative response, especially after she actually performed.
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
I think part of the issue is “older” people’s perception of the typical “pop princess” over the airwaves, most who are augmented vocally or lip sync (see recent Grammy performances).  People who don’t know Haley might go into anything she does with a preconceived notion that she’s manufactured by the music industry, exactly the reason Haley has chosen to remain independent.
So they see this young person ‘daring’ to take on an iconic favorite song of their favorite band that can do no wrong, so they’re already primed to dislike her.

TBF the really nasty comments have died down since the initial year+ surge of views WR enjoyed.  There are still negative remarks, but not nearly as many rude/misogynistic ones.

It should be noted there are many positive comments from older fans as well who saw JA/Slick at their peak and say that Haley compares favorably, many happy to see the music they lived in their youth passed onto a new/younger generation
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
I agree. Why would a fan of Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane be outraged by Haley's cover? If anything, they should welcome a young, talented singer like Haley including the song on her CD and singing it live to thousands of people on tour. More people will hear the music and learn about Grace. Anyway, haters gonna hate. And IMHO, Haley slays "White Rabbit".
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RE: "What's That Sound" - tracks, cover art and release date
Thankfully mostly positive comments now....

Quote:Wayne Hackney • 6 days ago
I love to see younger people appreciating great music from other generations.

Quote:japfeif • 1 week ago
awesome cover by an artist I have to admit I'm not too familiar with! great job!

Michael Gretzky • 2 weeks ago
Bands usually go lower (tuning) as we do with certain songs (just added this by the way) but this version was actually done 1/2 step higher and she did an awesome job with it! : )

Quote:Eric Urban • 2 weeks ago
I am from Australia, never heard of her, music had some stick and she KICKED IT ! Bravo. I feel better now..... Needed that !

Quote: Lombardo Ortega • 3 weeks ago
That sounds like jefferson airplane!!! Honey U done a classic!!!

MC Eazy Cash • 1 month ago (edited)
I remember in 1968 listening to this at Long Binh during my first tour in Vietnam . This young lady sings it as nice as Grace did ..

Quote: Arturo Canales • 1 month ago
Awesome rendition. Reminds me of the original Jefferson Airplane version. She is much better looking though.

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