#LoFiSoul Tour 2019
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Three FB posts made in response to Haley's recent FB post about the NYC show being sold out:

Tracy Owens

I don't care whatever you say I want to go see this girl sing she's amazing. And maybe I have a crush on her but strictly professional. No I'm joking she's Hot. I'm not going to lie I'm a fanboy when she sings I melt. Okay I said it my therapist said this would be good for me. The only way the night could go better Kat Dennings was my date and they both got into a fight over me... 

Jake Micheal

Would not mind seeing this concert. This girl can sing. Found her by way of post modern jukebox like 5 years ago

Nicole Martin
She’s my favorite post modern artist!

Cory Kretsinger

Haley is coming to Minneapolis on April 15th! She is my favorite female vocalist. Her ability to sing all types of music flawlessly just floors me.

Very tempted to purchase a meet and greet ticket. I'm afraid I would make a fool of myself though. She's one of the few that could make me star struck.

Note: Haley made an earlier post that said 5 tickets were left. When I checked there were more than five. After she made this post, someone said they were able to buy tickets. I THINK BOTH OF HALEY'S POSTS WERE REFERRING TO THE M&G TICKET PACKAGES. Maybe her past experience is the M&G tickets are the last to sell.
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
[Image: D0cc3uIUUAAOL30.jpg]
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Via Haley's Tour manager

[Image: D06xqT1U4AE5np8.jpg]
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Note to Tour Manager: "There's an "e" in REINHART.
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Due to the failing health of my dear wife, I have not posted on this site or attended any of Haley's events for some time. Sadly, my wife passed away recently. I am slowly trying to get my life back together by doing things I was not able to do in the last couple years.
I live in the Las Vegas area and am traveling to Salt Lake City for the 4/20 tour stop. I have purchased a VIP (M&G) ticket and one of the 5 available booths, as I find standing for a long period of time problematic at my age. The booth seats 4. I welcome any Halians who wish to sit rather than stand to join me.
By the way, I think that the Smith Center "Myron's Cabaret" here in Las Vegas would be a perfect future venue for Haley. (Anyway, it works for me Wink )
03-05-2019, 07:48 PM,
RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
I’m sorry for your loss <3
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Sorry for your loss.  I remember meeting your wife at the El Rey show, she spoke about how she was not easily impressed by many vocalists, but Haley did just that.  Very nice lady

ISCAT and airhigh said they'd be going to the SLC show before coming to Seattle, maybe you might meet them there?
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Thank you Tusk.

ISCAT and airhigh also have sprung for a booth, so there's plenty of room for more. Looking forward to seeing them there.

You have a good memory. My wife was not feeling well that night and the noise of the crowd was getting to her, but she otherwise enjoyed the show. We also managed to go to 2 PMJ shows in LA, but her disability made it hard for her to sit through the shows. She had very high standards for vocalists because she was trained in opera at USC and had a world class coach.
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Since I had two days to fill after Haley's show in Denver before my son could join me for the drive back to Wheeling, I contemplated adding April 20th to my Halien Roadtrip Shindig for Salt Lake City. Then I realized it was another 8 hour drive there and 8 hours back to Denver so instead I'll leave my car at the Denver Airport and fly to San Luis Obispo to golf with my buddies for those two days. If I knew about booth availability with either BandB, ISCAT and airhigh, it might have steered my thinking in that direction. Oh Well, I'm booked for a California sidetrip that I couldn't delay until Haley's tour headed down the Pacific coast.
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
North Carolina Halien students can buy discounted tickets ($15) 2 hours before Haley's show begins...


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