Site to be offline for required updates / may not return
11-28-2018, 02:03 PM,
RE: Site to be offline for required updates / may not return
Dear Tusk, I cannot imagine the kinds of things you have experienced, but anyone who knows you even a bit, or can read and put 1 + 1 together (like I did long before we met), will know what the deal is with the effort you put in, your motivation and character in all of this. It's not that hard to see. All else is nonsense. Easy to say, but don't let yourself be judged, it is just stupid what some people think they need to say or do. 

Each of us needs to do things for their own reasons. The gratification must be in the numbers - here on HF there are still always a lot of people reading, your videos have tons of clicks that  promote Haley in all corners of the world, and I for one visit your twitter daily even though I don't tweet myself. A little one-sided yes, or rather very one-sided, and therefore much less fun than with a conversation, but the intended purpose is splendidly achieved.

So take heart, do what is right for you and nobody else (I know, easily said). Don't let your spirits get dampened!

You are right, Haley's path has developed as we could only hope, and a lot has happened that is fantastic, and HR4 will be really something; and TeamHF has become part of this journey in a real  way - and we should be and will be happy if her arc at some point transcends everything we can do and leaves us behind (though I am 100% certain she will never forget you and the other core Haliens ever).

Sometimes, when I read a fantastic book from a less-well-known author I keep thinking I should somehow write to them to let them know that someone is reading their book and loving it. But then I usually don't, thinking that they must know that and must be writing for their own reasons foremost - but then again, everybody craves and enjoys feedback.

You are right, there is a lot of new things always to mention and talk about. I guess it is hardest in life not to expect anything, or at least not too much ...
11-28-2018, 09:59 PM,
RE: Site to be offline for required updates / may not return
(11-28-2018, 12:51 AM)yanni5 Wrote: I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I still check in pretty much daily, so I'm happy to see that the update was successful. Thanks Miguel and everyone for keeping us up to date with all the Haley happenings!

More important though, Miguel, I'm sorry to hear about your father passing away and your mothers heart ailment, sending my best wishes for your moms speedy recovery.
Agree 100% with you Yanni
PS: Miguel:I'm really sorry for your lost and my best wishes for your mom recovery

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