Uploading files to Gmail storage
02-04-2020, 01:44 AM,
Uploading files to Gmail storage
If you have a Gmail account "Google Mail", it also comes with free 15gb of storage.  For what I do, there are times when I'll have to talk someone through sending large video files after they've offered it.  I finally decided it might be better to make a video of the process instead of having to instruct someone who might not be familiar with how to upload files.  That it's 'free' with a gmail account helps facilitate any trepidation people might have about internet storage.

I'll also post here the steps in the video description below the video

With every gmail account, you get 15gb of free space.  When you 'remove' a file from your GDrive, you still have to delete it from your "Trash" located on the upper left to free up more space.  After the file is uploaded it will still take a few minutes before you can play it or get the file's URL to share it.

1. Open Gmail web page

2.  click Icon that looks like 3x3 dots in the upper right corner of your browser.

3.  Click the Gmail Drive Icon that looks like a blue/green/yellow triangle

4. Locate the files you want to upload from your SD card

5.  Drag the file from the folder into the Upload area of your Google Drive Page (Lower half of the page).  Once the file is fully uploaded you will see a new thumbnail added to your Drive page, it will take a few more minutes for the video to be processed before you can get the file's url.

6. If your files are large, upload one file at a time, make sure the file is fully uploaded (a thumbnail will show up once the file is fully uploaded) before you upload the next file.

7. Right mouse click the thumbnail and choose "Share" from the drop down window.

8.  In the next pop up box, choose "Advanced" in the lower right corner of that window.

9,  Click "Change" next to where it says "Private" in the next window, then choose "On-Public on the web", click the blue "Save" Button.

10.  Right mouse click and "copy" the selected url at the top of the next window, the link to your uploaded file is now saved onto your computer's "Clipboard"

11.  You can now "Paste" the link to your email or into a DM by right mouse clicking in the area you want to paste the URL and choose "Paste"


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