2021 EP
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RE: 2021 EP
I agree with all of that.

I've followed Haley for 10 years. And it's been an uphill battle for her to get the proper attention her talent deserves.

We hit a break with "Better" "Can't Help Falling In Love" and various other projects over the years.

I guess what I'm getting at is this...

She maybe indie, but why do I feel fans are doing street teaming efforts just to wait it out in the end?

I know her official site is revamped, but it needs work to get people on board/signing up.

I didn't know her EP was being produced overseas. I knew she was doing work on it through Zoom and other means. That sucks, and I'm really happy with what she's managed to release in the current climate.

I feel like some won't ever get her talent. And that's a real shame. IMO
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RE: 2021 EP
(10-08-2021, 12:00 PM)KelseyW. Wrote: I feel like some won't ever get her talent. And that's a real shame. IMO

Music is subjective.  R&B and Hip Hop if not country music rules the roost, have done for almost two decades, Haley does none of that, so getting frustrated that people don't 'get' what she's putting out is pointless, the music scene isn't & hasn't promoted that, so Haley spending money and effort on an uphill climb to MAKE people like her music seems kind of ..... futile?.  She has said from day one she wants to put HER music out, went independent, created her own publishing and record company....seems like she's pretty adamant about seeing that through.  The answer would be for her to start making the music that's popular today, which, if you listen to the music she DOES put out, isn't music she's interested in making....

The music industry isn't interested in backing independent artists unless they've a proven record of selling massive units and selling out stadiums.  Otherwise they will sign the next hottest thing and control them to make the music the industry wants them to make, then toss them aside for the next hottest thing.  More money for the music industry and they are in control.

Haley wants none of that....it's really not that difficult to understand.

You can't force people to like what you like....

She is one person, there are 24 hours in a day....time isn't infinite to get everything you want done, done.

Haley just tweeted, sounds like she's been busy working on the next project

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart·12m
Hiii, I miss you all! Got exciting news comin' at cha’s… But first! Have you jammed to 'Roll The Dice' today!?!
10-08-2021, 01:08 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
I'm sorry if I came across harsh. Wasn't my point/intention.

Glad she's tweeting us again! I am eager to hear what she has to share news wise.

I know not everyone is going to like Haley's style/music/personality, but dang. She deserves the world.

I guess from a creative standpoint... I just wish she had a proper team behind her. Like someone else working for her label, but that costs money I know.

On the flipside. All of her Roll The Dice merch is currently sold out. So there's a thirst out there for Haley stuff!
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RE: 2021 EP
(10-08-2021, 01:08 PM)KelseyW. Wrote: I'm sorry if I came across harsh. Wasn't my point/intention.

I guess from a creative standpoint... I just wish she had a proper team behind her. Like someone else working for her label, but that costs money I know.

When I say if you've followed her for 10 years, you should know this, "This" meaning she's very willing to go this on her own.  She tried w/ a manager Jay, which for a period of time was great!  But again, she was let down, and we know how Haley reacts when she's let down (see Interscope), so I really don't understand the point of continuing to 'wish for her' something she doesn't want for herself?

She doesn't and hasn't followed along w/ things other people do, often times, she just randomly releases things...if you've followed her since Idol, you have seen her tendencies, so I don't get people still demanding things like her signing to a label or getting another manager.  She will do those things when she feels it's right for her

Yes, certainly I wish she could get more attention, more appreciation, more credit for her talent...I've spent tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours promoting her, of course I want success for her.  But the bottom line is, she is who she is, she is who she says she is and she will do what she believes is right for her, no matter how often or loudly people insist she does whatever everyone else does:  Sign to a label, get a manager.

I might suggest something to her, but she will ultimately do what she thinks is right for her.  The only people she would probably listen to are her parents, and Harry has told me he wants Haley to learn and grow from her own mistakes, they don't want to be 'helicopter parents' but will always be around if she needs their advice.  IMO THIS is how you raise a famous child.  Unlike many parents of famous children, the Reinharts aren't interested in claiming some of Haley's fame, they just want her to be happy and achieve all that she can.  This is probably the thing I'm MOST impressed about the Reinharts....

Basically, just enjoy Haley's music, see her when she comes around to your town, spread the word, buy her merch, support her....That's what I do w/ my time supporting her.  It's more productive than continuing to insist that she do one thing or the other.  It's her life, her career, her music.  She's a confident young woman, confident in her talent and willing to do the work.  IF she signs w/ a label or gets another manager, then it'll be when she's ready and not because fans have been telling her to

BTW. "Off the Ground" has a date.  October 29

Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart·16m
The title track from my new EP #OffTheGround Rainbow will release on 10.29!!! This single is EXTRA special to me for SO many reasons. The song is all about manifesting our realities and lifting ourselves up to reach our highest potential in this life! PRE-SAVE:

[Image: FBM5HRuUYAMCYm8?format=jpg&name=large]
10-08-2021, 05:44 PM,
RE: 2021 EP

She's so dang pretty. Love the artwork! Happy Halloween weekend to me!
10-09-2021, 10:12 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
While I still adore the art/photo of her... I'm not a fan of the overall background graphics...

This photo looks like it was quickly slapped together.

I posted this artwork and the single release date on an American Idol Reddit group. A couple of folks think it's fan art. So yeah. Had to explain it wasn't...
10-10-2021, 06:40 AM,
RE: 2021 EP
It is quite different from the polished art for her past singles. I'm guessing they were going for an ethereal look, given the song title.
10-10-2021, 02:13 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
"Off the Ground" will have an extra significance among Haley's new songs Wink
10-10-2021, 05:18 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
My thoughts are screw the graphics... I can't wait to hear it and I'm trying to picture the words "Off The Ground" playing in my head.
10-11-2021, 07:42 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
I’m EXTRA confused. Is the title of the song or the EP Off the Ground? And what is Rainbow? Is that a song or something else? Is the song an original or cover? If it is a cover, there are several existing songs with both titles, including an Off the Ground by Paul McCartney. But it’s a “sure bet” getting approval for that one might be a sticky situation. Chew on it. In any case, it’s getting so close to release I can taste it. I am hopeful this project will be EXTRA special, will hit the ground running. And then millions can’t help falling in love with it.

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