2021 EP
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RE: 2021 EP
I fully admit to being 'underwhelmed' mostly because of the build up and anticipation, on first listen, but then something made me want to listen to it again, then once more, then once again...then I started remembering a vibe I used to feel from music from my past....here are a few songs "Off the Ground" feels like it has influences from IMO

I don't know, if these songs, 'sounds' are in #OffTheGround, but after listening to it several times, my mind's musical memory like on a Ouija board, point to these song as influential vibes, to me Tongue

After enough listens I started feeling familiar goosebumps in several parts of the song, particularly the chorus, very uplifting
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RE: 2021 EP
This is the song for artists. Creatives who are struggling to find their purpose. *hugs*

It's probably the most hopeful/positive song I've heard in years. I also get a little 90's reference and some Mariah notes are definitely in there!

So excited for the rest of the EP!
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RE: 2021 EP
I really want her cast in Sister Act 3 now... The movie is still in the works of being created. No idea if they have cast anyone yet, but what a shame it would be to not have her in it!
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RE: 2021 EP
Quote:Robert Rodriguez
Oct 30
The divine, super talented, 
 is one of my favorite people to work with, we released a music video we directed together for her new single "Off the Ground" Check it out:

11-02-2021, 10:23 PM,
RE: 2021 EP
[Image: FDOlzyMVcAMZqIe?format=jpg&name=large]

Haley narrates some BTS video

other related posts
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RE: 2021 EP
So a certain blog (I know shocking...) posted about Haley's Off The Ground video.

She was actually very nice in her review of it! Props to MJ for that one.

The few comments there are on this post where annoying to read though...

Some saying she's dressed too sexy or "Why is she always the star of her videos?" or "Why doesn't this video tell a story?"

I know you can't please anyone, but jeeze. *shrugs*
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RE: 2021 EP
Honestly, at this point, ten years after Idol, ten years of following Haley and how she goes about building her career, I really have no time for people who grasp on to their decade old gripe about Haley.  These people are immediately identifiable by what they post like about Haley's 'attitude' or WETF their issue is.

It's been ten years, I've decided to celebrate Haley's accomplishments and not bother w/ Hater comments, why give them that energy?

As one of Haley's more outspoken fans, it's easy for people to call me a 'homer' that I like all Haley's stuff, that my opinion isn't valid because I can't be objective...  While some of that is true, I do tend to like most of Haley's songs, will support her even if I'm not 'all in' on a song...that's what a fan does.  

That being said, Haley has written songs, done performances that weren't her best IMO, it's just I don't b!tch about it like some fans we've all seen post in the comments section of Haley's videos.  What good would complaining constantly do?  Haley is confident in who she is, you won't change the way she does something by complaining about it for literally years.  Good God!  It's been a decade, you don't like something, move on to something you do like....

Those who've known me since the beginning know that who I was then isn't who I am now.  I've evolved into more of Haley's way of thinking on things instead of the Tusk who'd take on any comers ten years ago.  Maybe it's 'old age' but I'd rather spend my energies enjoying the projects you know Haley puts her whole heart and soul into.

"Off the Ground" is indeed different than most 'typical' songs, as is "Roll The Dice", both songs have unusual dynamics in the structure of their writing.... 
People have been complaining forever that all songs sound the same?  So Haley puts her efforts into 'different' and some immediately disregard it because it's not familiar in the way song writing is 'usually' written.  So what do you want?  The same types of songs or something different?

That "Off the Ground" and "Roll the Dice" are so different in their individual compositions, really gets me excited and looking forward to the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP

Don't waste your time on the negative nancies, just enjoy the music Smile
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RE: 2021 EP
I agree with all that you said! And you're right. It's just frustrating that anytime someone posts a topic that centers Haley there's always the negative Nellie's...

One thing about following someone's career for 10 years you do get used to the "haters" comments. Thankfully they are in the minority. The majority of Haley post comments are overwhelmingly positive.

I guess that's why those who nitpick about dumb stuff stick out? IDK.

I'm done with that blog for now. If she posts about Haley good. But since she seems to be ignoring all of her PMJ collabs? I don't think MJ's is a good source for Haley updates/news anyway so...

I think it's funny in the end how there are fans of another Idol alum who go nuts over everything he does that haven't noticed a similarity between his sexual appeal and Haley's...

Granted I'm speaking about Adam Lambert fans and there's a huge difference between his fanbase and Haley's...

I guess my point is. I RARELY see folks who are so damn confident in their music, singing skills, and overall performing ability as an entertainer.

Nobody looks at these two on paper and compares them but I have followed Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta since 2009. Adam and Haley have that same "I'm going to perform and the world will watch." energy. That is a huge compliment by the way! 

Long post short. Thank god for this forum because outside of social media, and Idolforums there aren't many places to discuss Haley news.

OT. I talked with my therapist (who is an art therapist) on the phone today. Told her to check out Haley's newest music video for Off The Ground at the end of our call. Hoping she likes it and gets a kick out of the "therapist." *smile*
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RE: 2021 EP
[Image: FDYT87FVQAY3K31?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: FDYT8_eVQAYE70y?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: FDYT87cVQAQdskG?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: FDYT8-OVgAAtdFu?format=jpg&name=large]
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RE: 2021 EP
Under her video Haley responded to this comment with a heart.

Quote:Ms. L
18 hours ago
OMG Haley, I think this song could really hit and take you off the ground for real.  I love everything you sing, but this one is it, so unique, and the arrangement is incredibly beautiful.  I think your therapist character was inspired by Lorraine Bracco's Dr. Melfi from The Soprano's...which is just so cool to me.

Heart  Haley Reinhart


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