Rick Beato & the music business
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Rick Beato & the music business
I don't know much about Rick Beato other than what I've seen from his videos.  His channel is mostly about teaching music in a way people can enjoy and learn from.  To teach, Rick would often use clips from songs he'd love which would inevitably lead to his videos getting blocked or getting strikes.  So eventually, Rick started posting about how copyright laws and enforcement is ludicrous, because channels like his actually sell the music, young people learn about music from outside their experience, search it out, making more money.  Makes sense, right? but that's not how the music industry thinks, they just want to exert punitive control, when they could be profitting.

Eventually, Rick was invited to DC to testify on his opinion on the subject.  Fast Forward, he started getting some of his videos unblocked, not only that but iconic musicians took note of him, his expertise in music, so suddenly, they'd start agreeing to be interviewed by him, because of his knowledge and passion for the art of music and artists....  His channel has really blown up.

Anyways, probably one of the best and most interesting channels about music on Youtube right now....check out the depth and interest in this new interview w/ THE Sting.  Look how invested Sting is in the conversation....

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RE: Rick Beato & the music business
This video hits fairly close to my heart as it relates to Haley.

Doing what I do, I'm probably exposed to the most Haley activity because I like to search the internet, post to my social media.  That inevitably exposes me to a lot of people who question Haley's decision to bypass Labels and stay independent, to the point she starts her own Record, publishing companies and so on.  I understand that they are just being fans, some who've followed Haley for ten years as I have, and want badly for Haley to get the recognition they know Haley deserves.
The thing is, Labels IMO are not the way to go.  Labels have always been an industry, music a commodity, the antithesis of art, which is personal and social at the same time.  The Music industry, an unfeeling inanimant, whereas art is a living breathing entity.

IMO Art needs the freedom that the industry can't allow, it needs control.

Anyways, here's Rick talking about the opportunities musicians of today have, that they don't have to rely on the music industry and it's pitfalls.  If being independent and in control is what you want out of your career, it's possible, this is the path Haley has chosen.

I sometimes think being a 'reality show contestant' factors into Haley's decision to be independent.  Reality show musicians get a rap for taking the easy way to a career as opposed to putting in the 'blood sweat and tears.'  I think being independent, to Haley, represents her putting in the work, if not for others to see, at least for her own peace of mind.

I for one am glad Haley is putting music out, music she's passionate about and I will always support that.  Who knows, maybe she will one day get a manager, sign to a label if the reasons are right for her, but I am drawn to her artistry.  She could be more famous, richer, but I don't think Haley would sacrifice her artistry for those short term, here today, gone tomorrow states of being.  She is learning, she is gaining experience, she is happy, and that's enough Wink


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