Haley and her family
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RE: Haley and her family
Haley supporting Angela's budding musical career and EP.... wonder if she'll also contribute vocals to Angela's upcoming EP, or if it'll be a 'Reinhart Records' product?

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So proud of my lil' sister Angela!!! She’s been blowing me away with her song writing skills since she was 8 years young... It’s been the greatest joy of my life playing music with you, mom, and dad... and now you’re releasing these gorgeous gems ? out into the universe. I’m so happy I get to be a small part of it (singing background vox on this one, also ft. @caseybassy on upright bass) I still can’t get through this new single without shedding a tear ? #swipeleft to preview #gettingitright, make sure to stream/download it, and follow my lil' one @angelajreinhart
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RE: Haley and her family
Comment exchange on HOTRS, Idol:


Still listening to this 2021. Whoever's idea it was for her to sing this is a genius.

Quote:Harry Reinhart

My 'late' sister Marilyn, begged me (Haley's mom) to hav her sing this tune on AI show many months before Haley was actually able to even do so; plus then suggest it to producers & also get tune cleared. U see back then, there were weekly "Themes" that contestants had to follow when picking their songs, so we had to keep putting H.O.T.R.Sun..on hold)....but Marilyn kept telling me she had this 'premonition' & Haley HAS TO DO it, because "She's gonna BRING DOWN the HOUSE". Boy was she right!! My specially gifted sister also had witnessed Haley's fabulous performance that nite... ..because we brought her with us to the California show & needless to say, she was surprised to hear & sooo pleased that we listened to her! Thx.4 askin': "whose idea"? x3fineaswine.
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RE: Haley and her family
Angie and her new band, "The Alright Maybes", are releasing their first single “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” Dec. 3


Quote:We’ve officially kept our promise, we have MUSIC FOR YOU!
So thrilled to announce our very first single release:
“Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” will be out December 3rd!!!!!Available to you in all the obvious places, and is part of the four-song EP to follow. Stay tuned for more updates!


Been in my head for dazeee! Can’t wait for the release!!

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