Haley Reinhart's most-viewed video (and others) removed for copyright violations
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Haley Reinhart's most-viewed video (and others) removed for copyright violations
[Image: haleyrollinviewsb.jpg]

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The copyright infringement claim was made by CKx, Inc., a publicly traded corporation. They describe themselves like this:

Quote:CKx, Inc. is engaged in the ownership, development and commercial utilization of entertainment content. To date, we have focused on acquiring globally recognized entertainment content and related assets, including the rights to the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, the operations of Graceland, the rights to the name, image and likeness of Muhammad Ali and proprietary rights to the IDOLS television brand, including the American Idol series in the United States and local adaptations of the IDOLS television show format which, collectively, air in over 100 countries around the world. We plan to continue to make strategic acquisitions of, or partner or align with, companies or individuals that control various forms of established entertainment content, which may include intellectual property rights in music, film, television programming, written works and characters, rights to names, images and likenesses, video games, corporate brands and other related assets.

The videos removed were all posted by the same user. That person also posted videos of other Idols. "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy." A search for that account name turns up 150,000 hits on Google. Let's hope they don't go after the smaller fry.
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RE: Haley's most-viewed video (and others) removed for copyright violations
Someone posted this email from Achiq74 (Rashid) in the comment section of one of Haley's remaining videos:

Quote:Yeah I found out about my YouTube account has been terminated yesterday. I knew this gonna happen some time due to copyrights. Of course I'm sad and kinda dissappointed because I have some of the most viewed of the season. And yes I lost everything. Well I'm not sure if I wanna upload videos of next season. I did that because of I have lots of free times and after going back to Austria I'm gonna look for jobs and I may not have free times. But will see Smile I'm also a Haley fan and kinda sad about this *sigh* I just wanna say a huge thank you for all your supports!! When I made the account I have no idea that I'm gonna have more than 9,000 subscribers and most viewed. I'm glad. All this because of you guys!

Someone else noted videos from other users are also being deleted.

Pete posted this link on Idoloonies:
Quote:Here is all Repad’s Haley performances (plus 2 Caley duets) in a zip file:


That's useful for those of us who are already fans. I would hate though if all her videos were removed because that would likely cost her some new fans. It's hard to spread the word if you can't show someone why you're a fan.

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