Interscope signs Haley > UPDATE: CONFIRMED BY HR
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Interscope signs Haley > UPDATE: CONFIRMED BY HR

This was posted at MJS yesterday. I would like to think it is true & there is much to discuss in regards to the implications, if this is indeed a legit leak. I would be interested in hearing everyones insightful thoughts.

[Looking for the update? See my post on second page - Miguel]
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
MJ's blog seems to be accurate. If so, that's great news. Can't wait for the album. I just hope they give Haley a lot of say in the outcome. Unleash those creative juices!

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RE: Interscope signs Haley
It seems to be a fact. Haley has a record contract. I just hope they get her some good material.

She could sing the phone book, and it'd be interesting. But, I just hope there's some good songwriting/composition on the record. I hope.
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Yahoo Music is confirming she is signed.

[Image: haleysigns.jpg]
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Well it looks like it´s for real this time...hoping to hear an official press release though Smile
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Just a thought. I have bin reading all the buzz about Haley getting sighned, and there is a lot of speculation about this .Well when Haley says in a press conference that she got a deal, than we will know, and we can all rejoyce with her.She always says whatever will be will be and I truley believe this to be so true.But there has to be the right timeing also.just saying, what if Haley made the s9audition,would she have bin able to handle all the criticism? Symon was so was randy,I feel she needed another year to pollish up on her singing skills and to learn more fo music from her college>and in that year she learned much of both wow she might not have gotten to the top 3 eather.She also talks alot about faith, having lots of faith.I have faith to and i hope I dont cross the line here but i believe the good Lord is watching over her.When something is set into moation,It happens>HALEY said she coudnt see herself doing anything except singing Thats her calling and she has her time in the spotlight from AI exposure so she doesnt have to sing in bars small night clubs ECT.She will get he contract and if they let her singnthe good stuff she will do just fine CANT wait it will be forth the waiting.One more thing, I just hope the lable she signs with will give her some good materal and the pop crap that they gave to PiaThey have had a little tast of what the Little Pony can do >>>>>>>>>>>>laters
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Wasn't the working directly with Jimmy and his producers new to Idol this year? Haley has benefited from that.

I was reviewing old reviews by the Houston Chronicle writer that declared "American Idols Live concert showcases the power of the voice as Haley Reinhart steals the show." Someone accused her of being biased and she said look at my earlier reviews. I did. She was not a fan of Haley's early on. She was generally critical and ranked her in the also-rans. But when she reviewed Haley's performance of Beautiful she had this to say:

Quote:Haley's light bulb moment when Jimmy Iovine explained the significance of emphasizing “get” in the song (which she did) caused me to have my own light bulb moment: Haley’s worked harder to master her performances than perhaps anyone left in the competition.

I don’t always agree with her vocal choices, and I still think she could’ve killed this competition had she taken another year to go through vocal training, but I have to give her credit for commitment to her craft. Her rendition of “Beautiful” wasn’t perfect, but it was punctuated by bravado and conviction, and I respect that she holds nothing back.

You remember what Jimmy said early in the show about hard work? Hopefully she earned his respect as well. An AI vocal coach also said at some point that it bothered Jimmy that people didn't appreciate what a good singer Haley was. Hopefully hard work + talent + plus Jimmy's backing will result in a Haley debut album she can be proud of that is commercially successful.

Jimmy chose Rhiannon for Haley to sing and pushed her to do You and I so I think that might hint at the direction he has in mind.
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Found this on Tumblr:

[Image: tumblr_lona3xZheK1qajac1o1_500.jpg]

Quote:I got to meet her the other day. She was awesome.

Oh and btw, it's going to be awhile until her album comes out. She said she’s taking things one at a time and is just focused on the tour right now.
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
Yes, can't wait to see Haley state that she has a deal. It is still going to take a hit song to take her to the next level. We all can't wait to hear some original songs, but these first ones need to be outstanding. We all know she has it in her, so I am confident greatness will come out of her on this first album.
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RE: Interscope signs Haley
(07-22-2011, 09:34 PM)Shela Wrote: Well it looks like it´s for real this time...hoping to hear an official press release though Smile
Is this the real deal this time? And does anyone know how long her contract is for? I know with the winner (scotty) its 7 years. That's a long time to be under their thumb. Six records in seven years what they want from him. The high price for being #1 I really hope Haley is able to do some original material, funk, blues, and above all good old classic rock. Stay strong little pony, and don't let them push you around. I salute youBig Grin

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