EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
(05-28-2017, 12:50 PM)Miguel Wrote:
Zürich, Switzerland
Lallygagging in the river deep. 'Twas a beautiful day off in #zurich #switzerland
Thanks again to @moods_zurich & everyone who came out last night!
Next stop... PARIS! Come see me play at @divandumonde tomorrow night! 8:30pm!
#HER #Europeantour #whatsthatsound? #better #listenup! #paris #live #concert

[Image: DA70FgKVoAA2D9d.jpg]

"Cry Me A River" ? There's no crying on a Day in May where she'll Say she'll Play without Delay and feeling Gay with Pay. hey hey Haley!
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
I also loved the long recap. Thanks. It's always fun reading how people first experienced Haley in a live setting.

(05-28-2017, 12:33 PM)john Wrote: Thanks for the response XA. I was wondering how some of the 60s songs would go over with young people who had never heard them. Good sign indeed. Smile

I think there's plenty of room for younger folks to appreciate really good music from the past. Maybe Haley can help push that forward?

I experienced a bit of evidence for that last night, when my wife and I saw Tom Petty at the 3-day Bottlerock music/food/wine festival in Napa (something it would be really cool for Haley to play one day). While young people out numbered older folks by at least 3 or 4 to one, we were both completely blown away by how many young people knew all the words to his songs, and sang along. I was so startled that I did a bit of research when I got home, and it turns out Tom Petty IS enjoying a surge of interest from younger adults. Interesting.

As an aside, attending these festivals where most of the bands play music I don't normally listen to, is pretty fun and energetic.
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Always fun to hear about a first time seeing Haley perform live Cool ... a bonus to seeing Haley in Berlin, is that XAtlantic's daughter accompanied us. I have always said, one of my favorite things is to see the young inspired by, or meet Haley Big Grin

Before coming to Germany, I loaded a flash drive of Haley performances/"movies" to give to him as a Thanks for his hospitality, Lollapalooza, Lincoln Hall etc, much easier than burning a Blu Ray, especially because most of the world has a different 'codec' than the one in the US. The rest of the world uses PAL, the US uses NTSC. In addition, I also included "Haley's Journey" in 3 parts.

Which turned out to be fortunate, because his daughter can now go back and watch her Journey "From the Beginning" He messaged me that on her own, she asked about it after I left for Paris and they enjoyed parts one and two together.... Big Grin

I've been posting some photos, mostly from XAtlantic, on my Instagram...too much activity, relatives to be with, to repost them all here, but you can see them on my account:

HaleysTusk Instagram
(some posts have multiple pictures, so look for the arrows within the post to advance to the next this one from before the show.. )

Here's the latest...
[Image: 18722231_1805575866439404_317650167689904128_n.jpg]

"There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware. I think it's time we Stop Children, #WhatsThatSound , everybody look what's goin' down..." .
A timely message as @haleyreinhart covers the #BuffalloSpringfield call to action @musikundfrieden in #Berlin on her tour of Europe. Possible song on Haley's next album .
#XAtlantic .

PS I'll be seeing the show in Paris tonight, bringing my Aunt and Uncle...unfortunately, they may arrive a little late, I was hoping to introduce them to Haley and her to them. They will still be there before General's possible they still make it...*fingers crossed)

Incidentally, the venue is close to the Moulin Rouge (Haley visited this year with PMJ) I thought about maybe visiting afterwards, but I have to catch an early train (the Eurostar) that runs beneath the North Sea, to London, where I will see Haley again Tongue .

Fortunately, the venue in London is minutes away from the Train station on the UK side, so i won't need transportation, I got a hotel close too, then I return to France the next day to spend a few days with family before I fly back to the US to see Morgan James in California, before eventually making it back to the Seattle area... Tongue

*Making up for waiting almost half a year to see the show Blush *
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Harry Burns (@hburnsii69, who is with Tusk in Paris) on his twitter - sound check/VIP! Looks splendid!!

[Image: DBAbB7SXUAAruvW.jpg]
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)

About to get groovey babey @divandumonde with @romain_pinsolle opening for @haleyreinhart tonight ☀️ #gig #show #live #concert #divandumonde #Paris #duo #boogie #rock #roll #hippies #music #musicians #rockers #hellyeah
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Divan Du Monde

Haley Reinhart ... Une vraie source d'inspiration !!! Quel talent, quelle voix ... Je vous jure j'ai pris des notes !!!!!!

"A real source of inspiration! What talent, what voice ... I swear I took notes"

Divan Du Monde

Chanson avec @haleyreinhart

B&W pic:

Divan Du Monde

#haleyreinhart #creep

Video snippet:

Divan Du Monde

@haleyreinhart Thanks for a great performance !!!
#paris #haleyreinhart

Nice pic , but a little fuzzy:
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
The hashtag #Her is suspicious, possibly a new song or the new single?
05-29-2017, 03:25 PM,
RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
A couple of pics found by Avelene:

[Image: DBBbVEoUIAAIjYC.jpg]

[Image: DBBbVEpUQAAW1si.jpg]
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
(05-29-2017, 03:24 PM)Nicicarus Wrote: The hashtag #Her is suspicious, possibly a new song or the new single?

No, that's Haley Elizabeth Reinhart! Welcome to the club! :-)

Different look once again in Paris, impressive! Nice to see these pics and reactions!
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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
Quote:Jean-Côme‏ @_JeanCome_ 14m
Concert de @HaleyReinhart : une voix et une énergie extraordinaire ! Magnifique et envoutante…
Bing: Concert of @HaleyReinhart: a voice and extraordinary energy. Beautiful and captivating...

Quote:Pierre-Henri Guillot‏ @PH_Guillot 24m
Thanks @HaleyReinhart, I felt better tonight. What a wonderful concert and a great talent.
Big applause for the band.

[Image: DBBh7BVWsAYg1s3.jpg:small]

[Image: DBBh65LXsAAVURf.jpg:small]

[Image: DBBh6-bXgAUeD_J.jpg:small]

[Image: DBBh67-XYAIzkDK.jpg:small]

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