Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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Haley is now on Cameo, you can purchase a message from Haley:  https://t.co/lvNAZm4fdu?amp=1

You can go to the link and see messages already purchased, some have requested a song, like 'Bridge over troubled water' or Haley's song for Grandma that was at the end of the Lo-Fi Soul CD.  Barb Burgess was kind enough to purchase a message for me Smile

Some have wondered why Haley is doing this, while the answer should be clear, but in case it isn't.  Haley is supposed to have just completed her 2020 US tour and be in the middle of her European tour (I should've been in Paris yesterday, on the way to Manchester today) which means she probably had money invested in preparation for the tour as well as she probably has a lot of merch sitting in a warehouse somewhere that should be sold on tour to happy Haliens.

A lot of people have gone onto this platform as a means of income.  If you are doing OK financially during these very strange times, consider making someone's day.  TBH I haven't stopped thinking about the HUGE opportunity I lost not being able to go on this tour.  I tell myself that so many more people have lost so much, so I try to temper my disappointment and realise how lucky I am to be where I am and to have my health while so many have suffered and lost.  Barb's "Haley Message" brightened my day, brought a smile to my face.  

You can help Haley out and make someone happy Smile
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Here's the Lance Bass (NSYNC) podcast Haley and Dylan recorded this past weekend, she sings Happy Birthday to Lance, Creep and Piece of my Heart

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RE: Haley in the Wild
Haley will be performing Hotel Cafe's Monday Monday Facebook page at 7 pacific today celebrating their 200th show


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RE: Haley in the Wild
Here's the show

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RE: Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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