Prop 64 passes Colorado election
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RE: Prop 64 passes Colorado election
In this opinion piece @, a former federal prosecutor points out some points about the issue

The one thing that I wanted to point out in this article about the ridiculousness of how people and the Federal government see MJ compared to other intoxicants:

Quote:Simple possession of marijuana is made into a federal criminal case under 21 U.S.C. Section 844, and federal law oddly categorizes marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic, along with heroin and mescaline -- even as cocaine and opium remain on the less-serious Schedule II. While federal law typically won't provide jurisdiction over a street robbery or even a murder, it does allow federal courts to imprison someone for carrying a small bag of marijuana, even when state law says otherwise.

So for some reason, this harmless, grow in your back yard plant, non addictive, easiest of addictions (physically and psychologically) to quit is, according to the Federal Govt., MORE harmful than Cocaine or Opium. Dodgy

So taking out preconceptions of MJ that has been force fed to us for can this make sense? Does anybody REALLY believe MJ to be more dangerous than Cocaine or Opium? Huh

Add to that the waste of money on phohibition and enforcement for 'unexplained' reasons other than, basically, 'Trust us, it's bad..." you can see why many people believe there is an ulterior motive of oppression and Big Pharma/Acohol/Jail Big Business "secret agreement" to keeping Marijuana THIS's really nonsensical and destructive. Tongue
Quote:After all, we have spent billions of dollars -- about $20 billion to $25 billion a year Huh during the past decade -- and incarcerated tens of thousands of people to punish drug possession and trafficking without ever successfully restricting the flow of marijuana or cocaine.

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RE: Prop 64 passes Colorado election
Himm, I'm sorry for all you've gone thru. You told me some of the story on the train down to Lolla, but reading it really strikes a cord. What a nightmare for you. glad it's almost over.

I don't have any stories to share, except to say I wasn't exactly an angel Angel in my formative years.

And being in the medical field, I've seen everything. unfortunately.....

Hope the federal government wises up and updates their policies on MJ. I know it could take years.....
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RE: Prop 64 passes Colorado election
Wow thats a hard story Himm2! At least it is almost over and you won't have to worry anymore. Good luck with everything!
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RE: Prop 64 passes Colorado election
Yeah Himm2, man what a nightmare situation. As Haleylvr said, at least it's almost behind you. And they should legalize it, it's no where near as bad as other drugs kids are doing now. Even alcohol. When do you ever see two dudes smoke a j and then go get in a fight, whereas with alcohol that happens frequently.

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