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RE: S10
(06-03-2018, 06:52 AM)NUG Wrote: Ok was anyone here at the AI forums, and remembers our Haley fan club name there? We had our own before we all became Haliens but I can’t remember what it was. Big Grin

(06-03-2018, 07:37 PM)jjames865 Wrote: I was remembering the Haley Halos, but I might be making that up.

That was it thank you!!
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RE: S10
Thia has been posting quite a bit since being in social media hibernation for years, she's currently vacationing in Hawaii w/ her family  (She's going to be joining "Days of Our Lives").  So I figured I'd give a salute to the ladies of S10 Idol.  Pia (Currently on Netflix original show "Westside") retweeted it out which resulted in probably my most popular tweet since I signed on to Twitter, resulting in a bump leading to the most followers I've ever had, less than 80 from 1000 Smile 

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 16h16 hours ago
Can we agree that the ladies of Idol Season 10, 7 years later, are hard to beat?

[Image: DtTIgf8U4AAWLtS.jpg]
[Image: DtTIgf9V4AAHhDU.jpg]


[Image: DtTIgf7U0AEscn5.jpg]


[Image: DtTIgf8V4AExETr.jpg]

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