Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
[Image: watertown.png]

[Image: watertown2.png]

They used a bunch of flash-bang grenades that some TV news outlets mistakenly reported as gunshots.

There was no movement though in reaction.

But just now his arms reportedly moved.
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon

Suspect reportedly captured alive.
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
[Image: BIQ2sDBCMAIxdpi.png]

^ Wounded, but able to sit up before being apprehended.

During the search:

[Image: 1pgz8h.gif]
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in Boston attack, helped ID suspects

[Image: 9D75A22EFB79814085BAFCBE1D5B10_h316_w628...cXJnie.jpg]

Quote:Jeff Bauman was still in intensive care, heavily sedated after surgery, but he had something he desperately needed to tell his brother. “He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’ Chris Bauman said. Jeff, the ashen-faced, wheelchair-bound man in that iconic photo taken in the aftermath of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, gave a description of the suspect to the FBI, telling them that he wore "a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket over a hooded sweatshirt." He told them that he locked eyes with the attacker as he placed the bomb-filled bag at the finish line — the bomb that took both of Bauman's legs

Holy Crap..... ExclamationExclamation

This guy is the reason this got resolved so dam quickly...OMG... Angel
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
Quote:On April 15, Remy Lawler, 25, was standing with Bauman, said her father, Arthur Lawler, of Amesbury. Shortly before the explosion, Remy, who’s the roommate of Jeff’s girlfriend, Erin Hurley, moved closer to the finish line, away from Bauman and another friend, to take better photographs.

She suffered a baseball-sized shrapnel wound.

Shortly after, Lawler called her mother’s cell phone and left a message in which she cried “Mom! Mom!” Medics could be heard telling her, “You’re going to be all right,” her father said.

“She feels guilty about a lot of this -- that she wasn’t with her friends,” Arthur Lawler said.

It would take hours before the Bauman family knew what had happened to Jeff. They learned about it the way much of the world did: the grisly image on television of their son being wheeled from the scene, his lower legs destroyed.

Erika Schneider, Bauman’s sister, saw it first. “She called my mom, freaking out,” Chris said. Chris was working at a McDonald’s near their home in Concord, New Hampshire, when his mother called him.

“Chris, you have to sprint home,” she said. “Something’s happened.”

Glad they took the second guy alive. Can get answers from him.

[Image: 20boston_337_ss-slide-2QHA-articleLarge.jpg]
"Hundreds of students gathered in Hemenway Street to celebrate the capture of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev."

[Image: 20boston_337_ss-slide-LF8P-articleLarge.jpg]
"A police officer in Boston after hearing news of the arrest in Watertown, Mass"

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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
It was riveting live TV. I was watching on CNN for most of the afternoon and they were giving live reports from street views a number of blocks away. I switched over to FOX and they had the overhead view of the boat he was hiding in...which was incredibly more scoop worthy, no contest. How does that happen? Well, it's the same network that brought us the Queen...Heart
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
[Image: BIUW3kUCIAEiuNe.jpg]

[Image: BIUVFffCcAE438T.jpg]

[Image: BIUWAnDCEAAUDgP.jpg]

[Image: BIUVXXDCMAAChev.jpg]
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
Whew -- I'm glad he's been found. I'm glad he's alive, although I'm dubious about the answers he'll give and whether that legal loophole to not Mirandize the guy will stand up, in the long run.

But, mainly, I'm glad for the fine folks of Boston that this ordeal is over. For the families of those who died and those who lost limbs, it may never truly be over, but at least, this chapter is finished, and, hopefully most, if not all, can move on.
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
I found the video embedded in this report a moving tribute/end to a horrific week.

Maybe others will, as well.

And here's what I've been struggling to understand: why did this kid become a naturalized citizen, only to do this. (Although, I realize, that being a naturalized citizen may make it easier.)

Thank you, President Obama, for asking what I've been wondering:

In an address from the White House, President Barack Obama echoed the public's relief but also noted that many questions remained. Among them, he said: “Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence?" (
Miguel, I know you have this "no politics" rule here, and I hope that I'm not trepassing beyond that rule, because I want to be respectful of that, but since this thread was opened, I'm not sure of the boundaries.
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RE: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon
The younger brother was influenced by his older brother. The older brother never assimilated well. In an article about his boxing, he said "I don't have a single American friend. I don't understand them." He was also known to have watched videos posted by Islamic extremists. So he had the alienation that we often see with mass shooters combined with the influences of Islamic jihadists. Add to that he's from a very poor country living in a wealthy country that he's come to identify as being opposed to Islam.

Editorial in the Boston Globe:

Quote:Get out the violins, because you’re about to read and hear all these stories about how poor Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s troubles had to do with the repression of the Chechens, and the hard nomadic life ethnic Chechens were forced to endure in the shambolic collapse of the Soviet Union.

...Living in a society that respects and encourages diversity, he retreated into a perverse, self-righteous, judgmental view of others who didn’t share his extremist views. And in his final act of selfish venality, he enlisted for his nihilistic denouement his own little brother, brainwashing a kid who by all accounts had made the sort of friendships and social connections that he couldn’t.

...Now that the madness is over, there will be some who say we have to figure out why the Tsarnaevs became such angry young men.

No one who lost his or her life or limbs on Boylston Street last Monday did anything to create angry young men like this. And I know that 8-year-old Martin Richard, a beautiful little boy from Dorchester who was killed by the Tsarnaev brothers’ bomb, never harmed a living thing. He was a kind little boy who was unfailingly nice to his classmate, the daughter of the Boston firefighter who knelt over his body on Patriots Day.

...I don’t want to listen to how innocent people bear some responsibility for creating the twisted minds of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Let us first bury our dead, heal our wounded, tend to our damaged first responders. Then maybe I’ll listen to that “what did we do to make them hate us” claptrap. Then maybe I’ll go to some soul-searching debate about how our foreign policy is creating too many enemies and too few allies.

But then, maybe I won’t.

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