Special Effects Icon Ray Harryhausen dies at 92
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Special Effects Icon Ray Harryhausen dies at 92
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Quote:Ray Harryhausen, the animator and special-effects wizard who found ways to breathe cinematic life into the gargantuan, the mythical and the extinct, died on Tuesday in London. He was 92 and lived in London.

As a youngster, one of my first loves was mythology, I voraciously read every book on the fantastical creatures imagined through the ages of man to explain their surroundings, to enrich their cultures and to give meaning to their existence.
(and why the nuns in the Catholic schools had such a 'tough' time trying to explain how the 'stories' in the Bible were any different or 'better' than the 'stories' in the Illiad/Odyssey, The Arthurian Legends or the Stories of ancient Egypt Blush Tongue)

Ray Harryhausen brought these creatures to life, gave flesh to my imaginations, further feeding my thirst for tales of bravery against all odds, over coming the impossible creatures of myth. He was one of my first memories of something, someone that ignited my creative instincts and limitless imagination.

Remember, his era was pre digital age and he was a master of stop motion animation. An influence to many in the movie industry who followed including Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, John Landis, Tim Burton and many more...

Many young of my generation will forever be indebted to Mr Harryhausen for opening the door to the bright world of adventure, fantasy, bravery, honor and fascination. Truly an Icon. RIP

The Famous Skeleton Fighting scene from Jason and the Argonauts

From the Golden Voyage of Sinbad


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