Michael Penn - Modern Street Photographer
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Michael Penn - Modern Street Photographer
I've been considering the purchase of a new camera in anticipation of seeing Haley in August. In the course of researching my options, I came across the work of an amateur street photographer in Philadelphia by the name of Michael Penn.

I think he has a good eye. It was this photo of a man dead from a drug overdose that first caught my attention:

[Image: 9474_10200456971694937_727971178_n.jpg]

Part of his self-titled, "The Philadelphia Project (1000 Photographs):"


[Image: 64582_10200784396800360_1626637879_n.jpg]

[Image: 295518_10200984928413525_1608793758_n.jpg]

[Image: 156802_10201044360619293_1800887518_n.jpg]
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RE: Michael Penn - Modern Street Photographer
Black and White is clearly his medium, the images would not hold the same impact were they otherwise

They have a Rod Serling, "Twilight Zone" sense about them

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