RIP Shirley Temple
02-11-2014, 06:36 PM,
RIP Shirley Temple
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RE: RIP Shirley Temple
RIP, indeed. Ms. Shirley Temple Black "served" her country in multiple ways, the first of which was the curly, "mop-topped"kid in movies that provided people with moments of entertainment during the Depression. And then she went on to being a good ambassador...

I have mentioned "my trumpet teacher" numerous times, because she was such an extraordinary influence on me. We met when I was six. (She was six years older.) I've also mentioned that she was kind of like Casey, because she could play almost anything she attempted to play.

But in a small town, she was the music influence in the area. In addition to teaching trumpet, which, along with voice, was her specialty, she taught other instruments, and other creative arts. I began taking trumpet lessons from her, probably when I was 13.

That summer, before my lesson started, there were two little girls who were taking tap dance lessons. They were learning a routine to On the Good Ship Lollipop . I will forever associate the lyrics of that song to the choreography they were learning. This was what I heard (as the song played): Hop into One; Hop into Two; Hop into Three; Step, ball, change (repeat sequence).

I have no idea what "one," "two," or "three" positions were, but to this day, when I hear that song, that's what comes to mind.

RIP Ms. Shirley Temple Black.

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