Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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We're SUPER excited to introduce our NEWEST Emerging artist Dylan Chambers!! Hailing from Arlington, TX with a soulful sound, Dylan has been performing since age 16 and has already shared the stage with artists Tori Kelly, Gavin DeGraw, Haley Reinhart, and JoJo!

A singer, songwriter and guitartist, he toured the country performing for Dancing With The Stars, performed for Access Hollywood, The Today Show, and at the Radio Disney Music Awards. His 2016 debut EP "Vol 1" broke into the Top 200 R&B/Soul records on iTunes.

Check out his channel on INDISTRY TV! #emergingartists #newmusic #BePartoftheStory #indistrytv #indistry #music @dylan_chambers

This thing, Indistry, just launched last fall. Not sure much will come of it.

Quote:Indistry TV, founded by sisters Mary Landaverde and Erroll Angara, aims to target millennial audiences who are constantly craving fresh content. Landaverde, who has more than 20 years of experience in brand strategy and marketing, has worked with Playboy Enterprises and Miss America pageants.

Right now, there’s about 60 titles available on Indistry TV, with more being added every day, she said.

...Indistry TV offers consumers a 30-day free trial. But after that, a monthly subscription for their standard plan, which includes unlimited TV shows and movies, costs $7.99. A premium subscription that includes TV shows, movies, celebrity reel channels and unlimited live stream content is $9.99 per month. And a VIP membership, which includes everything in a premium subscription, plus live events, exclusive content, merchandise discounts and a $100 Apple gift card, costs $350 per year.

Quote:Emerging is INDISTRY’s launching pad for new music artists to share their talent, work, music videos, and other content that promote their music and engage with fans. Emerging artists are carefully selected thru INDISTRY’s strict vetting process, which includes a panel of music business experts who review each submission for talent and content creativity. Artists who successfully make the cut enjoy a promotional channel on INDISTRY’s Emerging platform, while gaining access to music executives for personalized mentorship. Artists also benefit from INDISTRY’s “shop now” feature with a direct link to iTunes, Spotify, or other online destination to sell their music as fans watch their content. It’s an artist’s dream to reach the world with your music. We just want to help open doors for you.
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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Working with two of the best in the world today. @haleyreinhart & @printzboard - you make my life richer. #forrealtho
#songwriter #newmusic #haleyreinhart #printzboard #la #sonofsteve #devg

[Image: PrintzBoard.jpg]

Quote:Printz Board has won several Grammy awards and nominations for his work with the Black Eyed Peas.

The E.N.D. won Best Pop Vocal Album in 2010, and "My Humps" won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group in 2007.

"Don't Phunk with my Heart" was nominated for Best Rap Song, but instead won Best Rap/Song Collaboration.

"Where Is the Love?" was nominated twice; Record of the Year and Best Rap/Song Collaboration.

Board also won two BMI Songwriter Awards for "Where Is the Love?" and "Meet Me Halfway".

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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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_•••LINK IN BIO•••
Stoked to share this live take of an original song called "I'm Goin' Back." I wrote this song after I met my dreambabe & knew I had to get back to her. Big thanks to @sofarsounds / @sofarsoundsla for creating such a phenomenal community and for being so supportive. Last but not least, big ups to @instasamshuhan @beatalks @ Steve Altenburg for playing this tune with me! Stay tuned for more music coming soon! • •

lyric about you know who Wink
Quote:"She's a sophisticated kinda lady, dedicated to a dream..."
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates

Big thumbs-up
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
From last year, can't see Haley 'cause she's sitting behind him on the couch, and yes, that's a WTS T-Shirt he's wearing

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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
Drew took to the Keys & Mic at PS Pub in Wheeling with the Midnight Band a few days after Haley's Birthday. Haley pops into my vid at 1:53, 2:40 and H.E.R. & Angie groove to the tunes 3:28 thru 3:40 and Haley gives a big smile of soulmate appreciation at 4:02:
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
A groovin' luau
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
Quote:Gina Orr @ginaorr


Gina is Casey’s long time manager, I think she also manages David Archuletta and Crystal Bowersox from Idol
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
[Image: 26867222_1771719886192835_1905508149775826944_n.jpg]

People always ask what I've been up to.. so here are some fun projects I had the privilege of being part of last year.
Childish Gambino: "Awaken My Love"
Niia: "I"
Demi Lovato: "Tell Me You Love Me"
August Rosenbaum: "Vista"
ZZ Ward: "The Storm"
A Bad Moms Christmas: "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

Check them out if you haven't already!

Thanks 2017... you weren't so bad.

#SessionWork #Keepmeinthestudio

Haley's US Better Tour bassist, Thomas Drayton
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
Quote:Dylan Chambers @dylan_chambers

I just listened to @PaulMcCartney’s album “RAM” for the first time (per @HaleyReinhart’s recommendation over breakfast this morning) and my mind is blown.

Quote:Upon its release, Ram was poorly received by music critics. McCartney was particularly hurt by the harsh reviews...

...Decades after Ram was released, critics have reviewed the album more favourably.

...Reviewing the 2012 reissue, Mojo said that "today it sounds quintessentially McCartney".[49] AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote: "in retrospect it looks like nothing so much as the first indie pop album, a record that celebrates small pleasures with big melodies".[56] Pitchfork Media's Jayson Greene called Ram "a domestic-bliss album, one of the weirdest, earthiest, and most honest ever made".[51] Simon Vozick-Levinson of Rolling Stone dubbed it a "daffy masterpiece" and "a grand psychedelic ramble full of divine melodies and orchestral frippery".



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