Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
So I posted the image below via Twitter as a suggestion for Haley's next CD and Mo Collins, FIFF Writers, and others initially liked it. Today, Haley liked it.

The idea is that her next CD be a soundtrack from F is For Family, with Haley focused on 70s music along with songs from the show by original artists. She could also perhaps add her own originals with a 70s vibe to the CD.

Tusk noted that she may not want to do another covers CD next, and that is a good point. So, not sure if anything will ever come of this, but....you never know.

[Image: DPq-p4dXcAAFeBE.jpg]
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
(12-02-2017, 12:48 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: Tusk noted that she may not want to do another covers CD next, and that is a good point. So, not sure if anything will ever come of this, but....you never know.

There's absolutely nothing wrong w/ throwing something out into the ether. We live in a day and age where we might actually get heard from a 'famous' person. That's a main reason Twitter is my favorite ap.... I actually got a reply and a like from Guardians of the Galaxy's Director, James Gunn Tongue

I've also randomly said things that ended up being responded to by Haley. I've seen it happen to others too, so why not suggest something? If Haley doesn't do this for her next album, I can see a scenario where the seed is planted, FiFF continues to grow in popularity to the point that there could be demand for something like this....especially along with Haley's career success Smile

To state my opinion as a base line. I believe that WTS is a maneuver to capitalize on the success of CHFIL, which debuted a little over 2 years ago. That was the main driver, follow a popular cover of an iconic song w/ an album of less familiar but Iconic songs none the less, covered by the same voice. Build a base beyond American Idol, PMJ & Haliens.

It's that whole problem we had w/ Haley's set up before she joined PMJ, what happens when she gains a new fan? Where to look for more stuff to feed the curiosity? Luckily, Haliens already had a few sources for the curious, my channel, Rachel's Channel, HF and HN.... But that's not enough, it's a start, something to build upon, it needed a 'professional touch' ....that's where Concord stepped in. WTS is the pre-game warm up to what Haley and Concord are ultimately capable of.

I think the follow up will be original music and it will be BONKERS Tongue

To the reasons I can't see Haley following WTS w/ another cover album

As you might guess, I spend a lot of time on social media and with my channel, I get alot of input from fans, more than most. For WTS, there's an under current of disappointment that it's not an album of Haley originals. Some music 'purists' cringe at the thought of their favorite band doing covers, a sign of 'selling out'.

To them I say, The Beatles early albums are cover albums of their favorites...recall the 'popular' music of the time. The Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin ...all were influenced and covered their heroes... To be fair, I'm not sure fans in this sub-category understand what I think is WTS' 'function' is... a cover album to hopefully gain a wider fan base.

There's also the nature of Haley's fan base.... She can do so many genres well, so some fairly significant part of her fan base will be disappointed what ever genre or style she puts out. Haley is primarily known for her covers, during and post Idol. As someone who runs a "Haley" youtube channel, you better believe I see many many comments on what Haley should cover next. Most of her career, Haley is being asked to cover someone (guilty Blush )

So after two albums of originals, Haley finally does a cover album, an opportunity to include her family so they get to record family favorites, while re-interpreting them for a new generation. Great for cover fans, not so much for fans who want Haley originals....so it goes

To be clear, I'm not disparaging fans who are disappointed WTS isn't an album of originals, just trying to put a 'bigger picture' filter on this. Luckily, I will consume anything Haley puts out, originals or covers, so I'm not one to judge Tongue

Finally, we've all seen umpteen interviews where Haley has spoken about having so much music in her she just wants to get out. Since Idol, she's talked endlessly about writing music...her debut album has 13 original songs on it.... in those interviews she also talks about skipping around in genres.... AND on top of that, there's the fact that Ole can make more money, collect more money for Haley if she writes, publishes, performs, sells originals... covers help the originals' songwriters....covers are useful mostly for trying to increase exposure for other artists, to gain new fans, which is what WTS is.

I'm happy w/ WTS for what it is, more Haley is a positive in my book and like I've been saying, I predict the next album will be amazing.... I'd say if they don't get anything for WTS, award/recognition-wise, hopefully this next Haley/Concord album will get serious consideration Big Grin
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 1h1 hour ago
Season 3 is in the works! Look for it on your Netflix box in November 2018 and follow us at @FIFFNetflix for news and BTS photos as production proceeds.
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Only 10 months away. Being a voice actor for an animated series seems like a good gig. Easy to work around with so much lead time.
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
"may be singing a bit too"


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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 25m25 minutes ago
Recording pickups for a slew of S3 episodes today with the fearsome foursome — aka @billburr @THEMOCOLLINS @DebiDerryberry and @HaleyReinhart

[Image: DTS_ji6VoAEyx_F.jpg]
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: DTXI57CVQAAy09K.jpg]

Quote:Debi Derryberry @DebiDerryberry 34m34 minutes ago

Just imagining what it would be like to have long beautiful hair! I’m trying on Haley Reinhart’s hair for size. How do you think I look with long hair?! She is my bro Bill, on F is For family #FIFF @FIFFNetflix @FYeahBill @HaleyReinhart
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Haley posted the same photo ^^^^


@debiderryberry plays my little sister, my best friend, AND my girlfriend on @f.is.for.family & yet we hardly have ANY fun when we’re in the studio together... Big Grin Stay tuned, you might even hear me sing a lil bit again in season 3! #fisforfamily #season3 #billmurphy #netflixoriginalseries
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
The show must go on. They have a teen stand-in for Haley.

"Teen actress specializing in stunts, fight scenes, combat, and voice over!"

Quote:AlyWardAzevedo‏ @alywardazevedo

So glad I got the opportunity to work on season 3 of #fisforfamily get ready it’s gonna be great @FIFFNetflix #Netflix #fiff #acting

Quote:John Shermenti @shermenti

Who are you voicing on this season? Is Haley still doing Bill or did you take over? I came to the episode 3 table read and you sounded really good!

Quote:AlyWardAzevedo @alywardazevedo

I have a couple characters throughout the season and no Haley is still killing it with bill, I just help out when she’s not able to make it

Quote:AlyWardAzevedo @alywardazevedo

Since she’s gotta kill it being a amazing singer and all haha

Quote:Michael Price‏Verified account @mikepriceinla

Aly plays a bunch of parts this season and did a great job filling in for Haley when she was unavailable. But Haley is our one and only Bill.

Aly's timeline indicates she has attended some VO workshops led by Debi Derryberry. So that's probably how she hooked up with the show.

Interesting reel. She knows how to take a punch. http://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi185648..._vi_imdb_1
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Even though Haley suffered a badly damaged Tire, she used her time getting a new one to promote the show in her Instagram story Big Grin



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