Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"

Notes from our music spotting session today for episode 302, PAUL LYNDE TO BLOCK, with composers @davekushner66 and Vincent Jones. We’d issue a Spoiler Alert, but @mikepriceinla’s horrible handwriting makes that unnecessary.

[Image: DWMVxXoUQAAcBJM.jpg]

Under 4:36, does it say: "orchestra HALEY SONG"?

Then maybe, "use under SAG + (something) lyrics"
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Quote:with composers @davekushner66

Quote:Dave Kushener: Velvet Revolver guitarist, Pusherjones co-creator, Sons of Anarchy theme song co-writer, Forest Ranger, tv/film composer & husband w/ 2 rad kids!

Playing 'six degrees of separation', Kushner to Haley...Kushner was a member of Velvet Revolver who's members included those from Guns and Roses, bass player was Duff Mckagan, and Slash on guitar, who performed Wild Horses w/ Haley Cool
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
On reddit, in 2015, someone asked what the song was at the end of episode 2.

Quote:[–]MikePriceFIFF 2 years ago
It's a song we wrote for the show. Music by Dave Kushner & Vincent Jones, lyrics by the writing staff.

Quote:[–]MikePriceFIFF 2 years ago
We have no plans to release the show music right now, but it's always possible it could happen in the future. Thanks!

Quote:[–]MikePriceFIFF 1 year ago

Thanks! We don't have any plans to release the music right now because there hasn't been a whole lot in the show. But that's something I'd be in favor of at a later time, say like after Season 2.


October 2015:

"Vincent Jones and Dave Kushner have been hired to score the upcoming animated comedy F Is for Family."

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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: 28430181_172655310030359_9162344743466696704_n.jpg]

Just left the studio! Did some Bill Murphy pick ups for season 3 of, ‘F Is For Family.’ Feel so lucky I get to work with such an incredible cast & crew and call this my job. Half of the time I’m channeling my inner little boy (Bill Murphy) & the other half I’m laughing my head off!! Stay tuned for #season3 #fisforfamily on @netflix #vo #artist
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: DXpsxFlW4AAywQg.jpg]

[Image: DXpsxFlX4AEOYvp.jpg]

Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 50m50 minutes ago

Recording pickups for a bunch of S3 episodes with the awesome @HaleyReinhart today.
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 4m4 minutes ago
FIFF WRITERS Retweeted Hercules Mulligan
We've already got some great rock (Lifted Riffs, Shire Of Frodo) but doubt we'll ever see any Disco, which didn't really become a big thing til later in the 70s. Haley sings a parody of one of the biggest hits of the decade -- but not a rock song.
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: DX5lyHAVQAIbZdZ.jpg]
[Image: DX5lyHCU0AAuTvS.jpg]
[Image: DX5lyGSU8AELQ2c.jpg]

Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 1h1 hour ago
Punching up our first color episode of Season 3 today! S3 E1, ARE YOU READY FOR THE SUMMER, written by @egoldy23 and @PeteTibbals
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: 29715432_1684168428331649_281329046606839808_n.jpg]


So proud to call this talented woman my friend! We met working on @f.is.for.family ? Just saw her @that_mo_collins & her hubby @alex.skuby put on one hell of a performance in new play, "Damaged Furniture.” The whole cast is amazing & the story will take you on one wild & funny rollercoaster ride. Check it out Sat nights at @whitefiretheatre while ya can! #damagedfurniture #mocollins #fisforfamily #madtv
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: DbPZZEDVAAA2Nx8.jpg]

[Image: DbPZZEDVMAAYbu0.jpg]

Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 24m24 minutes ago

...and also recording ADR pickups with @HaleyReinhart and @THEMOCOLLINS this morning.
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RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
[Image: De3WTdvWsAEBcV7.jpg]

[Image: De3WTdyW0AAWIqS.jpg]

Quote:FIFF WRITERS @FIFFNetflix 34s35 seconds ago
Recording ADR with @HaleyReinhart and @DavidKoechner at Margarita Mix Hollywood this morning.

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