Football and the Reinharts
01-19-2015, 11:57 PM,
RE: Haley and her family
Wow...what a game that was...Seattle vs Green Bay.

Having been a Minnesota Vikings fan my whole life I could only express my deepest sympathy to my cheesehead son-in-law last night...I feel your pain!

If there is any team we love to see's the Packers! We have a full house right now. My daughter and son-in-law have moved in with us for awhile, after having their first child this past September. Ben is a die-hard Packer fan, as his dad is from the Kenosha area of Wisconsin originally, now living in the Twin Cities. I think Packer fans had a near death experience yesterday.

Anyway...Congrats to Seattle and the Halien Hawks that experienced one wild ride during that game. Cool
01-20-2015, 12:38 AM,
RE: Haley and her family
GB straight up BLEW IT (LOL).
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RE: Haley and her family
If they didn't complete that comeback, it'd be said the Hawks blew it (Wilson played the worst game of his career, one for eight, 14 yards, three interceptions in the first half, 4 interceptions for the game. )
One of the stories is Wilson still went to Kearse for the game winner even though the last four times Kearse was targeted, resulted in Wilson's 4 interceptions. They/He never gave up
01-20-2015, 10:53 PM,
RE: Football and the Reinharts

Quote:Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport 55m55 minutes ago
NFL has found that 11 of the Patriots footballs used in Sunday’s AFC title game were under-inflated by 2 lbs each, per league sources
02-01-2015, 09:36 PM,
RE: Football and the Reinharts
Instead of a great comeback and a 2nd consecutive SuperBowl, the game is lost on a knuckle-headed goal line play call....

Well, they're young enough to make another run next year.. It's going to be tough about Lynch though, there's going to be contract issues in the near future, it might be contentious because of the loss as opposed to had they done what they were supposed to do
02-01-2015, 09:54 PM,
RE: Football and the Reinharts
[Image: B8z3ceZCcAEiU5n.jpg]
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RE: Football and the Reinharts
The Nationwide Ad got the most jeers for it's downer message, of course it needs to be turned into a meme with a SuperBowl touch

[Image: 10956854_333741970163171_214519377_n.jpg]

The Nationwide ad:

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RE: Football and the Reinharts
Quote:Eric Idle ‏@EricIdle 3m3 minutes ago
How cool is this?
[Image: B81G27JCUAIMvKA.jpg]

Joe Walsh, Dan Akroyd, Paul McCartney w/ Eric Idle... no clue the guy in the center

Looks like they were rooting for the Seahawks too
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RE: Football and the Reinharts
No Reinharts but football. Condensed video of a group of Seahawks fans watching the Superbowl and reacting. Forward to about 7 mins in for an abbreviated version.

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RE: Football and the Reinharts
It seemed like the Seahawks were a favorite among many of Haley's associates. The Football party she and Casey attended were filled w/ Seahawks fans,

Blake Lewis (from Bothell, Washington) (You see Haley and Casey near the end of the clip, on the right, near sliding doors) Wink
4 days ago
Highlight of the game at our Superbowl Party. No one in this room knows the second line to this song. Hahaha, so funny. Great game, bad play call, sad outcome, good times! Until next year. Go Hawks!

Shoshana Bean was also rooting for the Seahawks

[Image: 10895343_735277443254159_471062937_n.jpg]

5 days ago · Capitol Records
Quick session before the big game but already repping the home state!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!

Did not know Shoshana was from Washington State too Tongue

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