Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
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RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
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@HaleyReinhart @CaseyBassy "Time of the Season" @idyllwildarts 2018 less than 28,000 views needed in the next 10 days to achieve something no video has ever achieved on my channel.... Half a million views in 3 months!

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RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
Which show would you like the next Haley video to come from?

Vote Here:
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RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
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500,000 views on #WhiteRabbit live video @HaleyReinhart [Image: 27a1.png]  [Image: 1f525.png] thanks to @ADoWitchesUK #DiscoveryOfWitches TV sync [Image: 1f389.png] @HaleysTusk
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Replying to @jaymichaels13 @HaleyReinhart @ADoWitchesUK
In only 9 weeks [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png][Image: 1f47d.png], faster than Idyllwild Time of the Season by 3 weeks
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My channel just passed last year's total views for the year w/ 1 month to go.  A record breaking 2nd half making up for an underwhelming 1st half [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png][Image: 1f47d.png]
Check out the 'views' graphs for 2018 & 2017

[Image: DtWec2OU8AAKAap.jpg]
[Image: DtWe2peU4AAqlAc.jpg]
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RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
#TeamHaleyFans' 2018 Top 15 Viewed videos

#15 @Haley Reinhart "Can't Help Falling in Love" w/ @Casey Abrams #BetterTour at the El Rey, LA
(2017 rank:  #11)

Haley's LA stop of her First Headlining Tour (2016) in the US included guests such as her American Idol Musical Soulmate, Casey Abrams.  That night, Casey reprises his role on piano on Haley's first Platinum Single recorded for Extra Gum in their Clio winning advertising campaign #GiveExtraGetExtra


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