Haley's Spotify numbers
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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
Quote:PJ @PJHaleyR Jan 26

@HaleyReinhart over 2 million monthly spotify listeners and rising

[Image: DUhXddgXcAA6_Pn.jpg]

PJ posted some others for comparison....

[Image: DUhayh_WAAAd16t.jpg]

[Image: DUha7MYWAAALYIB.jpg]

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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
To put that into perspective, James Durbin has between 15K-16K monthly listeners. Not a knock on him, just pointing it out as evidence that Haley's success with PMJ and CHFIL have been a tremendous boost.
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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
To be fair, James' genre is 'niche' at the moment (In the 80s-90's he might be many times more successful than he is today), although you could say that Haley is also 'niche', the difference is that she's adept at multiple niche genre's which allows for cross pollination. Someone might like her for rocker edge and discover turns out you also love Jazz, through Haley. (like me for instance Tongue ) and vice versa....

Think about how HUGE (relatively for my channel) Wild Horses is for Haley as far as exposure to the rocker/metal community. My Analytics shows that many of my videos are viewed linked to from Wild Horses. Right now, it's 113,000 views from becoming my first 2 million view video, which should happen in a month and a half Cool

Be that as it may, CHFIL is two years old (?) and still getting Haley recognition, but don't forget how big PMJ has become as well....

AI was really a microcosm of the career Haley's building for herself. Haley was able to overcome odds by gathering votes from not one large voting block, she was able to draw support from fans of different genres, even country music. Her career is built on and taking advantage of her bountiful amounts of versatility. Her career is really built for long term success rather than one hit wonder (what happened to them? Tongue )
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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
[Image: 34375049_192854788205492_1216819004379758592_n.jpg]


Wooohoo! Thanks for 100k+ streams on @spotify for #lastkissgoodbye after its first week of release! #muchlove Heart

Add another app Haley has compelled me to create an account for, Spotify*** (So that's Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, periscope, vine, snapchat, periscope Tongue ), Here's my "Haley Inspired" first playlist. I just kept Haley in mind and chose songs that spontaneously came to me, probably a quarter or so of the songs are Haley's, the other's are 'haley adjacent' Wink )

There's a commercial every few songs or so, but it's not as bad as radio where it seems you can't switch away from commercials. You can pay for premium access, like no commercials and such, otherwise, it's free but for the ads

After listening to my playlist (it shuffles your playlist, so random order) for an hour or so, I've decided I like this MUCH better than listening to radio (If you have blue tooth on your phone, you can hook it to your car blue tooth stereo and play it there. I have Blue tooth PC speakers, so I can connect them to my phone there too)... not really sure why I held off for so long. So if you're interested in my musical taste sprinkled w/ a little Haley seasoning, here's my First Spotify Playlist,

Haley Inspired Cool

*** From Haley's reddit AMA, where she answered my question about how she listens and finds new music

Release radar on Spotify is cool! the more you use Spotify, the more they catch on to your style and feed you new tunes that you're bound to dig! I also loooove shazaming tunes and making them into playlists later!
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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
[Image: DmBB_ZoU4AEbjni.jpg]

ole (oh-lay) @olemajorlyindie 4h4 hours ago

We “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with ole singer-songwriter @HaleyReinhart who hit 120 million @Spotify streams on #CantHelpFallingInLove ! Heart https://open.spotify.com/track/6yIHGmQLJ...xWQIl6PVjw
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RE: Haley's Spotify numbers
I'm a bit surprised looking back at this thread to see Scotty was once far behind Haley in monthly Spotify listeners. I've occasionally checked that for the last year or so and Scotty has had the most by a fair margin. Perhaps because he had a song reach #7 on the country chart in March 2018 and received radio play.

The gap has narrowed to 2,810,077 for Scotty and 2,767,382 for Haley (42,695)

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