Hipster Orchestra Collab
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RE: Hipster Orchestra Collab
you're still not factoring in shares, from initial social media and articles about it, in the first couple days (repeat views from links). People who have a link to it to Yahoo, won't necessarily go to Youtube, they will just see it again on Yahoo, if they wanted to watch it again.

If it drew over 200K on it's initial day on Youtube, could've triggered it coming up in recommendations more...either way, it had more views/shares in one day than since it was posted on Youtube. The nature of viral is if things can catch fire and get shared, especially if it's new and because of SMYM specific circumstances, that initial rush of views/shares, could have had significant impact in it's trajectory afterwards.

Also most of the comments from those who liked it also existed on the Yahoo SMYM and articles from the first day, so they won't necessarily repeat their comment on Youtube. Lack of supportive views and comments on Youtube SMYM further increased the perception that it failed. In total, considering how much effort was put into it's creation, promotion and support, SMYM didn't break any records, but it would certainly not be perceived as a 'failure' based solely on the number it gets on Youtube.

I'm not saying SMYM is a game changer, I am saying that considering the circumstances, it wasn't a failure, not only did she collect money up front w/o the cost of promotion THEN made royalties after Ole used it for two advertising campaigns... i cannot and will not consider SMYM a failure (different strokes)
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RE: Hipster Orchestra Collab
SMYM wasn't the game changer that her work with PMJ and the remake of CHFIL have been. Though given the circumstance at the time we all hoped it would be.
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RE: Hipster Orchestra Collab
It was also Haley presenting something more Pop than her fans were used to at the time....most of her older fans hoping for something, rocking, jazzy or soulful...the type of music her older fans thought was the best use of her vocals....that people also helped finance it, put more pressure on the outcome than had no fan money been invested.

There has, for the most part, been more disappointment from fans when Haley produces something pop oriented, of her generation, than when she covers familiar Rock, Jazz, Soul standards. She should be given the space to make music reflective of her more energetic generation than revisit old standards. Haley deserves more than to be an exceptional cover singer
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RE: Hipster Orchestra Collab
Almost four years later, we have our answer to what this project was....

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 2h2 hours ago
@HaleyReinhart it's been almost 4 years, will we ever find out what the @jinglejared #HipsterOrchestra project was?

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 1h1 hour ago

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It was a breathtaking version of can’t help falling in love (having the orchestra and all) Still don’t know why we weren’t able to release it [Image: 1f62d.png]

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