New Management in the House (possibly)
01-11-2018, 10:02 PM,
RE: New Management in the House (possibly)
^ By the way. Sorry if I came across a certain way... I'm not demanding a HOTM for myself or anything like that. Blush

In other words... Looks like no particular format is used to pick fans for that. Which makes you think what makes one "qualified" enough? Huh

Haley must have some involvement. She knows who the big fans are. Thankfully she doesn't single anyone out as the so-called "BEST FAN EVER."

No matter who has been picked for HOTM or who would've been picked, it will still be sad to see it go.

I think Haley has enough fans to make an official fan club... You don't have to have millions of followers to be big enough to make a fan club. IMO

People who know Haley from PMJ, for example, could easily add some bank to Haley's songwriting endeavours if an official paid fan club was created.

I pay $40 a year for Hanson fan club stuff. It's hit or miss sometimes, but it's nice to feel like you're apart of something you know? Haley should really consider it. IMO
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RE: New Management in the House (possibly)
I think if anything, whomever is chosen has to go through Haley first whether she initiates the choice or not. I think she does the write up in the announcements for each one.... So she is involved on some level.

I think Haley sees her Social Media fans (everyone, from Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram) is a 'club'. If anything like that comes into fruition, it probably wouldn't be Haley spear heading or running it. Let's work on consistent and reliable management w/ an eye to future projects before we think about a fan club Wink
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RE: New Management in the House (possibly)

[Image: DZjUaAtXUAAtHnq.jpg]

Might explain why there's been no HOTM

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