"BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
(10-22-2018, 02:48 PM)popfly38 Wrote: … and they're back.

Youtube gets millions of uploads every day, so they're forced to rely on automated bot system/algorithms to find the *illegal* uploads and the copyright violators. It's possible since PMJ just released their Essentials II album that included some of the missing videos, that it was merely something that PMJ needed to call in to clear up....

It just didn't make sense to me, having followed Scott since 2015 that he'd start doing these kinds of shenanigans just to 'increase' the purchase potential of their newest album release.

For one, those missing videos are of performances that have already sold umpteen single iTunes, on top of the fact that they're years old (Euro AATB is 3 years old).

For Two....I'd have to imagine the 'automatic' collection of revenue through Youtube, essentially 'free' money once the videos are posted, far outweighs what extra 'bump' PMJ might get for hiding their videos from potential viewers, to increase Essential II's sales....especially when the videos are already 3 years old?

It would make no sense for Scott and his 'alternate marketing' campaign on Youtube, something he's proud to have made work, as noted in his book, to then switch to the BigRecordCompany, self defeating strategy of 'cutting off' fans from seeing/listening to videos (PMJ's 'bread and butter' since the beginning). He'd basically be cutting off a lucrative, automatic collection revenue stream in the hopes that what 'essentially' is a 'PMJ greatest Hits album' might make a few more sheckels from possibly annoyed PMJ fans for being 'worked' that way..... Tongue

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