Possible new Haley project in the works or simply mentoring
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Possible new Haley project in the works or simply mentoring
PJ found and posted this:

[Image: DZ6uFnTWsAIrujH.jpg]

For those not signed into Twitter, it says:

Quote:Aj Cannon

Tonight I got off the phone wiht my casting director and he is setting up a business/dinner date (not romantic) haha with Haley Reinhart!!! She was the third runner up on Season 10 of Amreican Idol and she is now a successful singer/voice-over actress Smile I'm sooo excited!!! My journey to my dream career is beginning very Great!! Smile

I think he's in the Chicago area. His FB profile says...

Quote:Car Washer at Splash Hand Car Wash & Detail
Worked at Menards
Lives in North Chicago, Illinois

But he may have moved. Looks like he just started the job in February.

A post from two days ago says,

Quote:Rehearsal for Wizard of kick off on Wednesday!!Smile and then rehearsal for TV Commercial is Saturday!Smile

March 30:
Quote:So yesterday I had an audition for an agency and I can now say I am working with the best agent right now!!Smile Getting mylife and love for entertainment started!!Smile thankful to my supporters and my Aunt Tywann and sister Symone and Cerrah!!

March 27
Quote:Well I just got a call for a modeling opportunity from the agency I’m in!! Only praying God keeps me safe and I am truly humbled and thankful for everything that is coming!!Smile I don’t take nothing for granted!:Smile

March 23:
Quote:Sooooo I’m very VERY EXCITED TO SAY THAT I AM BACK ON STAGE IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE CLASSIC MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!! The Wizard of Oz!!!!Smile)????????I was nervous as hell and thought I wouldn’t make it,but this is proof that I need to stop doubting myself!!!!

March 21:
Quote:Well auditions was AMAZING!!! Miss theater and the vibe of being around fellow performers.Idk if I got a part or anything but I’m just glad I went and got back into it!Smile

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RE: Possible new Haley project in the works or simply mentoring
She was the 2nd runner up.

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