Happy for Haley
11-16-2019, 04:39 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest "Can't Find My Way Home"

Quote:Disko Daddy • 1 hour ago

Good gravy, that little girl has some curves! -- But as everyone else has said, we clicked for the hips and stayed for the good music. -- Now I gotta go Google her with the content filter off! ;-)

Quote:Whitenacho • 7 minutes ago

One of my all time favorite songs and I have about half a dozen covers of this in my iTunes library, but this girl knocked it out of the park!
11-17-2019, 02:35 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Jamie Switzer (posts "Let's Start")
Nov 15 · · hear this one at work all the time, finally looked up the song and video, love the 60s vibe all around.

Quote:Mark A Luba (posts "Creep")

Thanks Jimmy McGowan. Haley Reinhart has a most excellent voice!
11-23-2019, 12:07 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Hotel Cafe "You Showed Me"

Quote:spy8464BB  • 2 minutes ago (edited)

I just found you.  You are the answer I have  been searching for.  Timeless hypnotic, you are a sweet addiction.
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RE: Happy for Haley
CFMWH, RibFest, posted to FB:
Quote:Micheal Powell
6 mins ·
WOW!!! She can sing! I discovered her today on YouTube. She has an awesome voice. Check her out.

Extra, CHFIL
Quote:Cathy Grove Hoskins
14 hrs ·
This girl has some pipes and didn't think anyone could top Elvis on this song but I kinda think she does!
11-24-2019, 11:17 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Portia Wilcox
1 hr ·
Haley Reinhart!!..Best “find of my year” (heart)!! ...she’s Awesome!!!!
11-28-2019, 11:47 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley

Quote:Lou Letchford
32 mins ·
Loving this artist's voice.
Beautiful new talent emerging


FB, posts "Mad World" and "Creep."
Quote:Charles Goertzen
8 hrs ·
How am I just finding about these singers? One is a 6’8”, 7’ with his crown, sad clown and the other a sultry young songstress.

Quote:Chris Neuhofel
Dude bubbles the sad clown is amazing

Quote:Charles Goertzen
Puddles pity party... How is he not well known? I found him and Haley by watching some of the stuff my niece watched on YouTube. Guess he was on America’s got talent and Haley was on American idol a few times.
11-30-2019, 03:33 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest CFMWH

Quote:Reper1483  • 20 hours ago

Holy Sheep Shit Batman! She stuck that song with a vengeance!!! Needless to say I am very impressed, and I am going to start looking for this performer to make a move up the charts with a voice like that! Incredible is an understatement on a song that takes me way back to a better day and time in my life! Thanks for the video share!
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RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest CFMWH

Quote:Shannon Nunn  • 44 minutes ago

My mom used to sing that song to me when I was a little boy. You do my ma justice. She was a long haired hippie girl.

Quote:1 Hitter  • 33 minutes ago

Oh lardt!   I was thinking she’s gonna muddy it up, but she gave Steve a compliment!

Idyllwild CFMWH

Quote:Ashley Coates  • 2 hours ago
I’m a 60yr old Sabbath man.
Stumbled on this by mistake.
Will I stumble on it again.
You bet your bottom dollar.
And I’ve had to stumble on the rest of her YouTube stuff.
A riff on an SG and she will definitely be my next wife.
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RE: Happy for Haley
Ribfest CFMWH has been experiencing a little bump in views averaging 7,000+ a day for the last 4 days...

[Image: EK9SNjsUwAACd3I?format=jpg&name=small]

Quote:Fred Flintstone  • 56 minutes ago

I'm like everybody else....the voice got me, ultimately.

Lincoln Hall "These Boots are Made for Walking

Quote:Fred Flintstone  • 51 minutes ago

She's kind'a cute, but mostly, her voice....wow.

Idyllwild "Steam Roller Blues"

Quote:Fred Flintstone  • 43 minutes ago

Good gosh....why have I just learned of them?  This is great stuff.

Quote:Fred Flintstone  • 42 minutes ago
THAT....was tremendous.
12-06-2019, 11:22 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Haley's IG:
After listening to deep water and subsequently finding out that you were on American Idol and are apparently a jazz goddess I had to rush over here to simply say. Damn woman you’re something truly special and Deep Water is a bop for real it’s literally just a matter of getting people to hear it

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