Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
(06-28-2018, 03:24 PM)Nicicarus Wrote: Hope Haley plays to the rock loving crowd

From all indicators, that seems to be the direction she's been heading in the early part of this era. Less Jazz, more growling and rocking. The new songs other than LKG have a sharp edge to them ET being her hardest hitting song by far. The Troubadour performances were definitely as hard hitting rock and rolling as she's done for some time, even harder than Lollapalooza Cool
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
At Troubadour she still had a gentle mix of her softer songs like Can't help Falling In Love, Can't find My Way Home, Last Kiss Goodbye, Sunny Afternoon, Let's Start, The Letter, Oops...and that soft side endears me deeper than the rock side so I appreciated that she hasn't gone full out heavy but can still enjoy her also being a Rocker.
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
Quote:Jen K @Irongirl9654 54m

Replying to @HaleyReinhart @IamStevenT and 2 others
I have no idea who you are but if you are Opening for Steven, you gotta be good. Smile I’ll go listen to you now. Wink
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
(06-28-2018, 06:57 AM)Miguel Wrote: And it's not far from her hometown.
I wonder if she'll bring her band to town.

I know she is bringing Jay Michaels and probably the same band she had at the Troubadour as it doesn't look like Midnight will be doing backup. Harry is at a gig with Peter Quinn Saturday, and although Patti & Angie will be there, I doubt if they will be on stage. I think Tom, Greg & Kent would have posted something if they were being backup for Haley.

It's ironic that Radiohead will be performing their original "Creep" at the United Center in Chicago the same night that Haley Reinhart will be performing it only 30 miles away in Naperville.
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
Quote:.@HaleyReinhart #Ribfest #setlist

-Let’s Start
-Somewhere in Between
-Oh My!
-Last Kiss Goodbye
-Baby it’s You
-White Rabbit
-Can’t Find My Way Home
-The Letter
-Sunny Afternoon
-Expensive Taste
-Can’t Help Falling in Love
-Check Please

I didn't say I was going to go to this show because I was waiting for an opportunity that might happen, but that fell through, but I was determined to have fun anyway. Since, #TeamHaley want to oversee what I post (BTW there might not be any more Troubadour video in the near future. They've got a lot of exciting things lined up, and Troubadour is two weeks ago- I'm not entirely sure if I'll eventually be able to post the rest on my channel, I asked, but I've learned that you can't be pesky, so as far as I know now, I can post WTS and Better vids I still have, but I have to let them see the video first... they don't want new originals posted unless it's on Haley's channel), I decided to 'adjust' my brain to just enjoy myself. I didn't pack my cameras, nor my laptop I edit w/ (it's still broken), I would just go w/ my iPhone and 3 battery chargers. This would be the show I wouldn't focus on getting video. What ever happens, happens. I didn't want to expect anything, just have a good time. I think I needed to re-enforce that in my mind. Que sera sera, what ever will be will be

I emailed Harry to let him know I was coming, wondered if he was playing somewhere on Sunday, since I won't be returning to Seattle until Monday. Steve had said that Harry wouldn't be attending because he had a gig too far away, but I hoped to have a chance to say Hi to him (more on this at the end of this ...probably lengthy tale Tongue )

There was something about this trip, but again, I cleared my mind. I wanted no expectation but to have a good time. It was my mental mantra, something I needed after years of going on these trips packed to the gills w/ cameras, lenses, recording equipment, Mono/Tripods)

The first sign, this could be a good trip, Dollar Rent a car has an option to choose an 'unknown' car, for it's lowest price, it would at least be a compact. I chose that since I didn't expect to drive anyone around. They ran out of cars, so I had to wait for them to drive cars over from another lot. When I got to my car, it turned out to be a big ol 'new' SUV Cool

I made my way to the hotel, texting w/ Babbs how we would meet the next day. Steve was coming too, but Babbs was coming separately w/ her daughter. Getting ready for the show was easy peezy since I wasn't lugging around my usual equipment and made my way out the next morning around 11 am. Where to park was confusing. They offered 4 locations where they'd be running shuttles every 15 minutes, problem was, the shuttle service ended at 10:30... too close to the end of the show Undecided . After trying to call their help lines and failing, I decided to figure things out when I get there, almost an hour drive (My Hotel is near the airport). When I was about half an hour away from the venue, I realised I hadn't brought my printed out ticket to get my stuff at Will Call :/ . I made a U turn to head back...about a mile or so, I realised, my email also contained a Phone scan too, I checked and sure enough... I wouldn't need to drive back to my hotel...phew

As I approached the venue, it actually wasn't that busy, it was just after noon, people were just arriving. As luck would have it, there was parking less that two blocks from the Ribfest, and only $15. A bargain. I parked and headed to the Will Call... some bumps, but it seemed things were starting to roll my way Smile

The ticket scan on my phone worked (thank goodness!) and I headed to the Main Stage. It was a pretty long trek from where I entered, so I checked out Haley's Instagram, she just posted that she was ready to start Sound Check. I hurried my pace, I could see her on stage. I passed through security and waved to Jay and Haley. "They let you guys in already?" Asked Jay, "I guess so" I called back... Haley had a big smile "Tusk! I didn't know you were coming...."

I had bought access to the front of the stage (Standing Room Only), I figured, I'd already spent for flight, hotel & car, what's an extra $100? might as well make the most of it. Remember, the goal was to enjoy myself, have a good time (The next level up was the Meet and Greet w/ Steven Tyler plus food, seating and tables, but was twice as much as what I was paying for Front of Stage, standing room only) Barb, her daughter and Steve bought general admission, but Steve won a lottery they were running for VIP/food access, so he gave his +1 to Babbs. This day was just full of positives so far Smile
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
Haley mic checked 6-7 songs? I didn't record more than two... *enjoy yourself..you don't have to video everything* I brought 3 battery chargers w/ me. My iPhone battery is starting to lose power quickly. If I wanted to get video of the show, I needed to conserve power, memory space on my iPhone. It was only 1pm or so and the first act wouldn't be coming on until sixish, so we settled in.

[Image: DhhcKf3XcAMv_lT.jpg]

[Image: DhhhojuW0AAiK7P.jpg]

[Image: DhhvdDhUEAE1LKf.jpg]

Steven Tyler made an appearance after Haley's mic check

[Image: DhiAtZjW4AAbPKT.jpg]

There were maybe 15 other people there with me, so we started chatting about what we were excited about. Most there were obviously there for Tyler, although a young couple knew Haley and her Idol season. I showed them some of my videos from my channel, Steven Tyler was amazing, but I was there to see Haley, I showed them why Tongue . It was a great time talking about who we've seen, my last time seeing Tyler, I might have been 19/20 years old and stupidly chugged three "Mickey's" Green beer bottles w/ Vodka, Rum and Tequila in each. When we realised we couldn't get them pass security, my two friends and I thought of the 'bright' idea of chugging and passing each bottle until they were empty....yes, young and stupid was an apt description. I don't remember much about that Aerosmith/Judas Priest show because I was too busy vomiting... the stage looked like a broken TV where everything was scrolling up Blush.

One of the things I've learned in my many outings with Greg when we get access, especially for Morgan James, you can learn alot from Greg. When we had access to Morgan's show at St. Michelle, we arrived very early, got to skip the thousands in line and park behind the stage. We were instructed that we were only allowed to photo/video the first 3 songs and the encore. Because of Greg's experience we ended up being able to record, photo Morgan's whole show Cool

Why was this? I watched Greg figure out where he wanted to take pictures from, people were coming in. As soon as people sat where he wanted to shoot from, he approached them. They saw the HUGE lens and camera he brought, they saw his pass, so in their eyes, he was an official of the venue. Greg struck up a conversation w/ everyone where he wanted to shoot from . Took their photo, gave them his contact info and told them to contact him for their photo. He did this also with Security around our designated area (I stayed, Greg roamed)

Greg knew before hand that he needed those in the section to not get upset at him when he moved into their areas for his photo. Instead, they were pleased to see him come, talked about what he was doing, he was now part of the experience.

Why do I bring this up, completely unconnected to Haley and Steven Tyler? I made friends w/ everyone around me. There was Al and Tricia, blogger and photographer, really nice couple, she's loved Tyler for years, this is her first time seeing him Live. There was Greg, Donna etc.... why was this important, why did this executing of what I observed Greg do make a difference?

As we were waiting, Jay texted me that they decided to make a Meet and Greet and gave me the details to tweet out.

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk 11h11 hours ago

*NEW @HaleyReinhart #Ribfest meet and greet times *
Sign up at merch table 4:30pm. Must be ready by 5:45 - enter backstage at 6:pm. $30 for sign and Photo

Haley was to come on at 6:45, so maybe you see the conundrum? I would of course lose my spot that I arrived so early to claim BUT, the lesson I learned from Greg paid off. My new friends would keep my spot for me Cool

Rich (Haley's tour manager on all 3 of her recent tours) and Jay were setting up the merch booth, I went and bought my new friends beers ($7 a piece is actually a bargain at these kinds of things) and headed to see them at the Merch Table. I wanted to discuss what's to be done w/ my Channel while I could talk to him face to face instead of over text.

[Image: DhiKIGxX0AAK_3C.jpg]

On the way to talking to Jay at the booth, I met up w/ Babbs and her daughter, that's when she told me that Steve won VIP access to the VIP section, "free" food and non alcoholic drinks. I also met up w/ Grandpa Fred, a long time friend of the Reinharts who I've met several times over the years. He gave me a hug, I didn't expect (I promised him a Blu Ray to Haley's Troubadour show and sent him discs for the BGDays and Idyllwild "Movies") He was confused why he couldn't get into what he had purchased for. He showed me his receipt, it said he paid $300 for VIP yet they gave him a 'general admission' ($50 worth) so I talked to some officials of the venue, eventually, we got it straightened out and Fred got his full access bands.

[Image: DhihjuKX0AEy_PV.jpg]

[Image: DhihjuHXcAA3tNk.jpg]

While there, I heard that Patti, Angie and family were having problems getting their tickets. Jay went to figure things out, since I was already there, I figured, I'd hang out, say Hi to Patti and Angie. Babbs, her daughter and Steve joined us. They got there a couple hours before the show, but I texted Babbs about the Meet and Greet, so they knew where to go. Another young couple from Ohio also signed up, the young man w/ Haley's mugshot T-Shirt. I had given him the "HALEY" yell of solidarity earlier lol. So when I found out about the Meet and Greet, I told them about it.

Soon enough, Patti, Angie and Haley's friends came out to the booth. I'd just seen Patti at the Troubadour, so she gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. At the Troubadour, she hoped that I would post video of her performances on my channel. As I said earlier, there's no plans to post any more videos from the Troubadour, for now. I told Patti, BUT I had emailed Harry (when I asked him if he was performing Sunday) the videos I've already edited for Team Haley to hopefully post (hope is less now Tongue ) which also included Harry, Patti, Alex Frank and Haley performing their 3 part harmony "Centerpiece". I told her to tell Harry she wanted to see it Tongue But they weren't there to have fun, Patti and Angie were being asked to Man the merch booth, so I asked them for a photo and left them to what they had to do...

[Image: DhiZvoJWkAAzVbc.jpg]

[Image: DhiZvoHWkAEsLxu.jpg]

[Image: 36525050_660457884298746_197119986784167...JvbV9pZyJ9]

I returned back to my area in front of the stage, to see if it was still mine, and sure enough, they had kept their word. I told them I'd be back, the Meet and Greet was about to start.
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
On the Meet and Greet sign up sheet, there was six? Seven names? I think Jay had said they prepared for 50. Tyler's Meet and Greet fans were still out near the merch booth. Their meet and Greet had started late. There was a bit of concern Haley wouldn't get her time for her M&G.

When it was time, an official asked us to follow him back stage. There we saw maybe 20 other fans already there (including Haley's friends)... a better number than 6 Tongue

When Haley stepped out of the trailer, I think I heard some gasps...she looked stunning, as usual. They told us to put our phones away, that the photos would be taken by their guy, then posted on their website. We can get our photos there. I greeted her, she thanked me for the Troubadour videos, I told Haley to kick some ass and hurried back to reclaim my spot at the front, the act before Haley was already performing, the crowd had thickened in the front of the stage, but they all let me take my spot Angel

The two female act before Haley included a daughter of Rod Stewart (more on this later) They were pretty good, the other gal was country, Rod's daughter was more rock. They had just signed to a label and had fans there, "The Sisterhood Band"

[Image: DhijoV0VMAA0P86.jpg]

[Image: DhieobsU0AADWTG.jpg]

Haley was magnificent on stage. I'm really enjoying this more 'rocker', aggressive attitude she's been singing with, complimenting the sweeter, lighter mood of Last Kiss Goodbye. Recognisable songs like White Rabbit, Creep, CHFIL and Can't Find My Way Home really made an impression on a crowd that came to see Steven Tyler perform. How Haley mixed her originals w/ those favorites appeared to be the perfect balance, if one song didn't do anything for you, the next one will. I think that could've been a reason she was well received, at least around my area. As I was videoing, I could hear people saying "wow", "she's got a gorgeous voice" "she's so pretty"... I did not hear one negative thing, unless you mean "she was on Idol" a negative Tongue (Haley talked about how much Idol and meeting Steven, him being behind her on her season, meant so much to her)... Haley will never burn bridges and that has paid dividends for her Cool

(I don't remember who, but someone told me they overheard someone asking "where is she from?" and another answered, "she's that Idol who got in the bar brawl" Tongue )

But in general, Haley was up to the task, her set list created perfectly for the crowd she would be performing in front of, and left a very good impression Cool

I want to make a disclaimer. Although I believe Steven Tyler is still an incredible performer, he really ROCKED his set and sounded amazingly great. Most rockers of his caliber can't sing like he still does....he's really marvelous and at the top of his game still

That being said. I've listened to Aerosmith for over 3 decades, the Eagles, Zeppelin, all those classic bands (OK OK, The Beatles are still something I listen to, they are "The Beatles" after all, all those other rock bands owe a debt to them, but I wouldn't pay $$$$ to watch McCartney on an HD monitor from nosebleed seats). In my mind, since following Haley, I think I've 'moved on' from the classic rock stuff I've listened to for decades, getting to experience extremely talented, youthful, energetic talents like Haley, PMJ, Morgan James, Casey etc....that's the type of music that I connect to, that moves me. It was a hard thing for the Tyler fans around me to understand (until they saw Haley perform, and me shooting "Did I tell You?" looks at them, at which they'd nod lol)

The disclaimer is to explain why I ended up leaving my spot at the front row before Tyler came on. I had what I came for, and more. Haley was spectacular, there was an unexpected Meet and Greet, got to see the Reinharts, all the boxes were checked.

Also, behind me, there was this young kid, I think he had down syndrome, his name was Anthony, I fist bumped him on his name. Apparently he made some kind of impression at the Ribfest, previously, somehow got on stage w/ an act and was a hit. The video showing this had apparently gained over a million views. Some of the set up people on stage knew him. The security behind the fence we were standing in front of him knew him, gave him high fives, he was getting alot of love. I tried to lean a certain way so he could see, as he was shorter than me. He was so in the moment, he couldn't help but sing when Haley tried to get the crowd involved on Let's Start and Expensive Taste. He was yelling "I Love You" and "What a voice!"

At any other show, I might have started tensing up, will my mics pick him up?...he was singing off key and loud, but with so much joy and enthusiasm. BUT, I had, at this point, framed my mind that I was there to have a good time, and this included w/ the fans around me. I was able to relax and enjoy the moment. What my phone picks up, it picks up. Even if I get perfect audio, there's no guarantee they'll ever be posted, they'd have to be cleared through #TeamHaley. This changed mind set, something I conditioned myself to think from the beginning of the day, allowed me to relax and not worry, enjoy the show. These people were here to have fun and the young man, Anthony, was having a blast. I could not be upset at that, the day was perfect, light breeze and everyone was enjoying themselves.Heart

So these two things factored into my decision to leave my spot. I gave it to Anthony, he looked shocked at me "are you sure?" yes, I'm sure, have a great time! I thanked Al and Tricia keeping my spot, told Tricia to enjoy the "Fnck" out of her first time seeing Tyler live, to which she gave me an exuberant "Wooooooo!". Said my goodbyes to the others and headed to the merch booth.

At the Merch Booth, I got to talk a little more w/ Rich, the tour manager. I told him that Haley had told me (in Idyllwild) that they might've recorded the audio to Haley's Better tour, Lincoln Hall show. I told him he should look at Babbs' and my videos, especially Babbs. It was my opinion that it was one of the best shows that we video'd and that IF this board audio existed, we'd gladly give them our video from Lincoln Hall to use with the board audio (if it existed)....Rich revealed to me something they're considering doing at Haley's shows into the future (I had mentioned the Troubadour audio in context of sound board audio).

At the booth, a couple other Reinhart friends offered to take over the booth for Patti. Angie had to leave after seeing a couple Tyler performances, because she had a gig to go to. So w/ someone watching the booth, I accompanied Patti to go watch Tyler. She didn't understand why I wasn't already doing that lol.

Earlier, I learned that Harry WAS going to try and get to the show. Rich and family friend Bill, were trying to give him directions, which entrance, to get his access. He was still 40 minutes or so away. I told Patti after returning from watching a couple Tyler songs (the only one I recorded was his Beatles medley, in hopes he might bring Haley in on Oh Darlin'), that I would wait with her. I wanted to say Hi to Harry.

As things wound down, they began packing up the Merch, I had made friends w/ another Reinhart friend, I hadn't met before. Harry had arrived and was w/ Haley, but behind the gate that led to back stage where we took out meet and greet pictures. I needed a special pass. The Reinhart friend, I think it was "Rick", told me to grab some things, and follow him. He nodded to security that I was w/ him, I was helping him load up their stuff....I was in the back... Smile . We went to the dressing room to drop of the stuff. Harry and Haley was supposed to be there. I followed another Reinhart relatives (too many names to remember! I've run out of storage space!) to go out and look for them. Eventually, we found them. Haley, Harry and the band went out to the front. Harry had got there in time to catch Tyler's encore, a medley of "Walk This Way" ending w/ Zep's "Whole Lotta Love".... they were having a ball, all with big smiles on their faces, laughing... I took a couple of pictures.

[Image: DhjfX09X0AAPkGh.jpg]

[Image: DhjfX09WkAA5nDk.jpg]
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
After the show was over, after Haley taking pictures w/ fans on her way back stage, after taking a band photo, Haley met up w/ the The Sisterhood Band, the one w/ Rod Stewart's daughter, they must've talked for like 15 minutes. I asked if I could take a pic with all three of them, took some for them on their phones. Haley and they exchanged digits, Haley told them to hit her up when in LA (future collaboration? They were pretty good, very good harmonies ). I took that time to talk to Dylan, got his info to send him video from the Troubadour since they may not get posted, especially "Lover Girl" where he had good video on his solo. I talked to David Gorospe, the keyboardist who also played w/ Haley during the WTS tour. I told him I noticed the keyboards was unmanned at the sound check...what happened? He told me he had flight problems, and Just made it in time for the show.

Several pictures were taken of different combinations, Tom Kro, Midnight's bass player, asked if he could take a photo w/ the Sisterhood Band and Haley, grinned and said he was in heaven when the picture was taken.

I also talked to Harry some more. You could tell he was buzzing. He asked Haley, "Did you even get to spend some time w/ Steven?" Haley said, "Oh, yeah, we hung out" Cool

[Image: DhjwqeIXkAALG4Q.jpg]

Finally, I asked Haley for a small favour, a pic to start a personal countdown to a milestone for me Blush and she happily agreed Smile

As everyone continued to celebrate, I thought that it's "Family Time" so I saluted the group, "You guys kicked ass", Haley, David and Dylan replied acknowledgment, Haley thanked me again for the Troubadour vids. The last thing I heard/saw, before I tried to find where I parked my car, Harry pumping his fist into the air and shouting "Rock And Roll".... thus ended a day that could not have been more perfect Angel

....and scene. Tongue

(PS before Steven performed "Piece of My Heart", he gave Haley a shout out. I was at the booth w/ Patti when I heard it and rushed back to the show, hoping maybe THIS is where there'll be a Haley/Steven duet? But it was not meant to be. One of Patti's relatives said Steven told the crowd that Haley 'won' her season lol. too bad I didn't get video, maybe someone did )
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
[Image: Dhk4Sk7XkAMSJNS.jpg]

The blonde is Rod Stewart's daughter (Ruby Stewart) the other gal's name is Alyssa Bonagura
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
Thanks for the detailed account.


It seems the Troubadour was a shakedown show for Ribfest. I like that they're projecting Haley's name behind her... makes it easier to remember for anyone who comes away impressed. This was great exposure and I hope she gets the opportunity to appear before other big crowds.

Quote:Dylan Chambers
Follow · 11 hrs ·

RibFest. Opening for Steven Tyler with my friend of 6 years, Haley Reinhart. 30K people. Naperville, IL. I don’t even know what to say. I am just so grateful. I also did a guitar solo on the ground because I’m a cool adult.



This woman attended the show (posted pictures of Steven Tyler):

Quote:Sandy Mullikin

Joe Glogowski her and Casey Abrams have a few songs together.
(posted video of...)
Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams "Sail" AWOLnation cover Stageit

Quote:Becky Ohrt Tofte

She’s amazing. She should have won idol that year.


Quote:Christina Vlahos Sussman added a photo and a video.
13 hrs ·
Haley Reinhart from American Idol (back when I use to watch it, lol) up next before Steven Tyler. Amazing voice...

Quote:Rick G Greenwood
She's a damn good singer

Quote:Paul Miller
Where is this? When she was on AI she was all the rage in here hometown of Wheeling.

Quote:Robert Schmeltzer
She is one of my favorite singers!


Quote:Christina Vlahos Sussman added a new video.
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Haley......effing amazing....

Quote:Rick G Greenwood
She's great, should have won Idol that year

Quote:Kevin Coyne
I got to meet her....super nice. Agree great singer

Quote:Mary Zipf-Zwiener
She did an amazing job with this song. She sounds like Grace Slick. <3


Quote:Christina Vlahos Sussman
4 hrs ·
I will post all my Steven Tyler pics and video, which by the way was effing amazing, tomorrow but I really needed to add this Haley Reinhart song before I go to bed. Her rendition of Can’t Help Falling In Love, my fave Elvis song...

Quote:Paul Brancon
Nicely done.

Quote:Terry Todd

Quote:Rick G Greenwood
Told you she was a good singer.

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