Sara Niemietz
08-30-2018, 06:19 PM,
Sara Niemietz
I swear she already had a thread....

Anyways, I combined two clips I got of Sara w/ my iPhone. Wish I'd gotten the full performances, but I was at Chateau Ste Michelle with permission to video Morgan so wasn't sure if security would have a freak out (at least one time a security person asked me if I 'only' videoing Morgan) , so I only recorded a few minutes each. Sara brought on a special guest, Lee Oskar, apparently a really well known musician from these parts (excuse my ignorance)to help on "I Put a Spell On You".... I got goosebumps listening to Sara singing At Last, she really has a very good tone, to her voice, unique to her. One of my top favorites to listen to from PMJ Cool


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