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So…so much happening for Haley.   “Honey There’s The Door” was trending and is now over 533K views and her new video “Shook” is past 100K.  Her CD “Lo Fi Soul” is getting rave reviews, and is still in the charts.  Still has a hit on the charts with “Something Strange” Now, her voice is on the Mazda3 Commercial.  And she is tearing the roof off on her tour.

I saw her in Annapolis (Rams Head) and Vienna VA—near DC (Jammin Java) last week.  Both nights, she just slayed.  As the reviewer for the Music in Minnesota site said:  “Regardless of what she was actually singing, the highlight of the night was simply her voice. The vocal range she has, not to mention the power she’s able to put behind it, is something truly special to experience in person, and I found myself standing with my mouth open, just staring in awe multiple times during the show.”  It is true.  You are just stunned at how far she can go with her voice, from the bell like tones, to whispers, to growls, to just rock and roll screams.

The highlights of the show for me were “Honey Where’s The Door” (which is so sweet live) and the “Follow Me/Seven Nation Army” combo.  Also, an unexpected song which I did not think would be so impactful-- “Lo Fi Soul” which is amazing as she starts out with her powerful voice punctuating the venue.  And “Shook” with the psychedelic jamming on guitars. Even a song like “Crack The Code” in which she turns her voice into a powerful roller coaster of emotions.  Wow.  Just stunning.  The best set I have ever seen from her.

So, what’s next.  I hope that “Honey There's The Door” can somehow hit Adult Contemporary Radio as it could be a break out hit.  And, the single after that if I was calling the shots-----“Broken Record” which is just a fun bop.  How about a video for that too?

With her going independent, I was a bit worried.  But I can see why she did it.  She is in total control of everything, from the songs, the videos, marketing, promotion, etc. You can see her vision, and it so impressive--she know what she wants. Jay Michaels is doing a great job too and she has Ole and Maverick behind her as well.  She just needs that one big…thing.  A breakout song, a killer appearance on late night TV or Ellen, or maybe, let’s get that gorgeous girl into the movies (ala Lady Gaga).  God Bless Haley!  Glad to be on this crazy ride for last 7 or 8 years….
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Article from the Deseret News (Utah):
Quote:How being criticized on 'American Idol' has helped Haley Reinhart's career

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Don't Know How To Love You - Live at Club Dada in Dallas
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