#LoFiSoul Tour 2019
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RE: #LoFiSoul Tour 2019
Good news...Eric Alper is going to have Haley on his Siriux XM show this weekend.  Eric has told me via DM that he really likes Haley.  This is a pretty big deal.  He has over 670K followers on Twitter.  Hoping she will perform, but not sure.  Great news for Haley!

Not alot new on the interview, although the questions were well presented.  They went over Haley's work w/ Goldblum, her album, #FiFF, the differences between being w/ a major label and independence, Haley as an old soul, Haley likes to be put on the spot, as what happened w/ Golblum because it makes the creative process fresh.  She also revealed her gig last night was  w/ Robby Krieger (not sure but I think she could've brought Balam & Zephyr w/ her).  She says one of the things she loves about performing w/ Krieger, he's open to trying different interpretations of his songs.  She guesses that she might have performed seven different takes on Light My Fire with Robbie at his gigs.

H/T Roz

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So, I have asked about attendance during her tour so far, and it appears all of the venues have been crowded and full, which is great.  Most venues so far are 150-200 in capacity.  I think she may sell out in New York City.

I guess the big news is that Jay Michaels is leaving Haley as her manager.  I think he was great for her with his enthusiasm and interaction with the fans. Also, he appears to have been helpful with his Hollywood/LA connections.  Hopefully, Haley will find a new person with just as much excitement and support of Haley going forward.  

If he reads this, thanks so much Jay for all you have done in the past year or so for Haley...!

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