New Haley Collab w/ Vicetone this Friday
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RE: New Haley Collab w/ Vicetone this Friday
This song is still getting a pretty consistent 40k plays a day on spotify. It's up to 640,000 streams as of now.
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RE: New Haley Collab w/ Vicetone this Friday

You just released “Something Strange” featuring Haley Reinhart!

Today, we got a chance to chat with them about their most recent collaboration with Haley Reinhart: “Something Strange.” For three years the chart-toppers have been putting the pieces in place for this project and we couldn’t be happier to share in the excitement for this monster release! 

What was that experience like, working with her on the song and music video?
Amazing! Haley is the real deal. It’s rare that you get to work with such a talented singer. She wrote most of the vocals by herself, meant for another artist, written over another track of ours. We put her acapella over another song we made, which is what “Something Strange” is today. We had to convince her to keep her own voice on the track too. Isn’t that crazy? She sings brilliantly and we’re glad we kept her on. The music video was a lot of fun to shoot too. We flew to L.A. and spent the whole day in this huge hall. We had a few instruments that we played while Haley did the singing. It all felt very natural and everybody involved is happy with the end result.

How long did it take to produce “Something Strange” from start to finish?

All things together, about 3 years. We initially had a different vocal over the instrumental. We weren’t convinced that this was the right vocal and after a while, Victor tried to put the Something Strange vocal on top of this instrumental. We both loved it, but were busy with other tracks and shelved it for a few months. Later on, Ruben found it again and we decided to work on this for real. We reached out to Haley, re-recorded the vocals in a proper studio, and the rest is history!
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RE: New Haley Collab w/ Vicetone this Friday
Today, the song passed 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Still get 30-40k streams a day.

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