Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Haley sings I'm a Fool to Want You / No Regrets 
SASCHA PERES and ORCHESTRA, Live Recording at Semmering, Austria

Longer video with both songs at 13:40 (full songs)

H/t Miguel
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
I have been listening to and watching Haley close to 9 years now but there are still times that her versatility catches me off guard. Thanks for posting this John and thanks for the H/t Miguel. Just fantastic.
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
I a Fool to Want You was written by Jack Wolf, Frank Sinatra, and Joel Herron,  Billie Holiday performed it.

No Regrets is a translation of the French song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien written by Michel Vaucaire (lyrics) and Charles Dumont in 1956.  It was recorded by Edith Piaf in 1960.  

Here a English version performed by Randy Crawford

In another video Randy Crawford mentioned that Edith Piaf was a big fan of Billie Holiday.
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Trailer for the documentary. Haley background vocals, plus and brief appearance at the 4:30 mark. Hat tip to Himm2 who posted this on FB. 

Note the YouTube link is for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. That takes place from 22 January to 2 February 2020. So the film may soon make a public appearance. 

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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Actually airhigh (Brent) let me know about it.
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna

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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Comment on the SASCHA PERES and ORCHESTRA video w/ No Regrets.

Quote:Alphaducentaure13  3 weeks ago

Whatever the style, pop, blues, variety, rock, jazz, each song sung by Haley is transformed into a paradise for the ears, the eyes and the heart. Never in my life have I heard such a voice, so sweet and sexy. 
Here, with the Sascha Pères orchestra, it's just Nirvana.
I'm French and I never expected one day to listen to "Non, je ne regrette rien" by Haley with a string orchestra. It's just huge, incredible, incredible. Bravo and thank you !
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Quote:An Impossible Project - Documentary on 35mm

Today is a very special musical treat: The wonderful @haleyreinhart performing her own song “I Don’t Know How To Love You”, as featured in AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT. This song was recorded 100% live, direct-to-disc, with Sascha Peres @peressascha ’40-piece jazz at Südbahnhotel, an absolutely amazing 1902 Grand Hotel outside Vienna, that has stood empty for 43 years - until Doc discovered it, and Haley filled it with life - at least for one magic night.


They reposted the DKHTLY video.
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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Recent update says the film will be screened at two East European film festivals soon: "Millenium Docs Against Gravity in Poland and The Design Festival in Latvia." And be shown in Germany and Austria on December 10th.

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RE: Haley recording DKHTLY in Vienna
Not sure how much this is connected, a start-up company has designed a machine that can cut out your own vinyl record ('blanks' are 10 euros each).  The pre-order price is 2,995 Euros, but they expect by the time the product is ready for public marketing, the sale price will be much more.  They are targeting March 2021 for it's release

Here's video of the Documentary's director, cutting out the audio from Haley's DKHTLY in Vienna on a blank disc

Quote:An Impossible Project film director Jens Meurer and PHONOCUT magical visionary Florian Doc Kaps cut the Haley Reinhart’s "Don't Know How To Love You" at Dussmann, das Kulturkaufhaus

"PHONOCUT sound" is recorded from speakers to iPhone mic, directly from disc.

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