Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
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Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
In Haley's Instagram story, she has a link to an app "VIPVR" (meet and greet with artists).

(this is for iPhones)

(this is for androids)

She said It'll start July 18, 5pm pacific time and only 50 spots are available.  To reserve a spot, it'll cost $50 .... I don't know what to expect, but for some who've never had the opportunity might be interested
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR

Quote:Purchase for a one-on-one video chat meet and greet.  After purchasing, you'll have a guaranteed spot in the meet and greet event.  You'll be notified of your place in line the day before the event and will get a call when it's your turn.  Each meet and greet lasts at least one minute
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
I found their TOS (terms of service) and you should know (All caps are theirs)....

Quote:7. VideoChats

The App allows you to connect with celebrities, artists and entertainers (“Artist”) as well as otherusers through video chats. You agree VIPVR shall have the right to record your video chat sessions with other users and the Artists and that VIPVR shall own all right, title and interest, including all intellectual property rights, in the video chat. YOU CONSENT TO BEING RECORDED USING THE VIPVR VIDEO CHAT FEATURE. IN ADDITION, YOU AGREE NOT TO SCREEN RECORD OR IN ANY OTHER WAY RECORD ANY VIDEO CHAT.

It's VERY possible most new apps nowadays have similar verbiage in their TOS, but I don't have the focus to go through all of those, just this caught my eye and think you should know that your meet and greet might be recorded and they have the right to do whatever they want to w/ it.
It's not clear if it's also saying there'll be a utility on the app for you to record your conversation, but it is clear that you aren't allowed to screen record, yourself.  If they're going to record your conversation, is there a file you can have/download in order to 're-live' the experience or you can only watch the recording on their app?

I did a search on Youtube to see if there's more to this, I don't like to go into something unprepared, but this app seems so new, no one has posted anything about it yet on Youtube
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
"VIPVR shall own all right, title and interest, including all intellectual property rights, in the video chat"

That sounds like a potential pitfall for the artist.
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
Yeah, that had a red flag for me... I still think it's cool.  Some think it's $50 for one minute, when it actually says "at least" one minute.  It specifies a minimum, nothing about a maximum of time.  I'd expect it to be brief, but one minute for $50 is unreasonable.  I'd think someone from Haley's team would've looked over this, but it's always a good idea to read the fine print.

My guess is it'll probably be for about 5 minutes give or take, or the equivalent of meeting Haley at a show, minus the mic check songs and autograph.  But that's a quick guess based on nothing more than what we already know.

Usually, I'm one of those 'click through' people.  Since this app is so new, I thought I might take a peek at any resources/references and there are none on Youtube.  This is the most significant thing I could find that gives you an idea of what's to come.

I can't believe it's only for just one minute.  "At least" makes all the difference.  It is for a maximum of 50 people so you can work out the math how many minutes is reasonable.  I'm sure Haley would have to take a break somewhere in there, but I can't believe it'll only be for a minute.

I want to know more about recording of the meeting.  At a show, you could have a friend record your meet and greet.  For $50 there should be a way for you to have a copy of it, especially in this day an age of digital.  What is definite, you are not allowed to record.  What isn't as clear is are they implying that you will be recorded using their utility, which might mean that to view it again, you would need to view it in the app, as opposed to being able to download it?

A 'walk through' or an outline would be nice to be able to understand exactly what you're paying for.  All we know is they will let you know when it's your turn, they will record it, it belongs to them, and you can't record the meeting w/o breaking the Terms of Service.
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
OK.  So I got some more information talking w/ one of their reps.  Full disclosure, they OK'd me posting this info about our conversation.

-The meeting is for one minute, 60 seconds.  It wasn't a minimum, that's how long each call will be for, one minute.

-The video call looks like Facetime

-You're allowed to take screen shots, but not record the meeting.

-They do record the meeting but can't give them to fans based on their contracts with the artist, it's the property of the artist, for the artist's use.  They say Haley 'might' use clips of the interviews in a post if she wants

I explained that some hesitation to use their app is because there's no info about their app you can look up, that transparency about their app, more available information about their app might help people make a decision to use their app.

I suggested maybe they could make a version of the meeting recording that's viewable on their app for fans to re-watch.

They wondered if offering 2 or 3 minutes for $100 would be a better value?  I didn't think so, some might, pay twice for three times the time?

"We hope the one-on-one conversation is something of value to fans, especially those who may not have the option to attend a meet & greet in person."

I can see this being a value for those overseas who might not have a chance to talk to Haley.

They said they're a new service and are working on videos to better explain their app, and will try and do better to be more transparent about what their service offer
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
The virtual Waiting Room once you sign up.  You have to turn on your notifications for the app, give it permission to access your mic and camera.  They notify you your spot in line and I see that there's a way to chat w/ other fans, I suppose it might be like Stageit where you can converse w/ others while you wait....

[Image: D_uMhkuU4AASOy6.jpg]
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
Hmm. This app seems sketchy... Think I'll wait till she tours in 2020 (If she tours next year...) to meet her for REAL in person.

Man. They aren't making my wait to meet Haley for the first time easy...
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
[Image: D_yFzLsUcAAwquR.jpg]

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 2m2 minutes ago
Doin’ a worldwide virtual m&g today at 5pm PT & there are a few spots left to sign up! I may not be in your city for a min, so this is a really neat way we can still connect from afar [Image: 1f52e.png] Download the @VIPVRAPP & say hiii!

Download app & sign up here:
Longer post on Instagram
Quote:Side note: After cutting my own hair for most my life hah... ? It was time for a big girl cut with long vintage bangs & layers, @vtgesther you rock! ?Ps it’s not actually this short, the party is still in the back ha
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RE: Haley Reinhart 'virtual' Meet and Greet VIPVR
So they reached out to me for some input and I was lucky to get a complimentary trial.

Basically, you're assigned a number which counts down the closer you get to your turn.  I started out 8th this morning, but about an hour before it was to begin, I left to another app, when I returned, I was #9 :/

Also, there was a scare when I returned, the app showed I didn't have anything scheduled :/
So I closed the app and opened it again, and that fixed it.

I don't know if this is set up by the artist, Haley, but all along, I was told it'd be a minute, sixty seconds, they even asked me if I thought giving the option for $100 for 2-3 minutes would encourage more use.  Bottom line, I got almost 3 minutes, there was a clock at the top that counted down.  I didn't notice what I started off as.  I think some people said they had 4, but around that range.

One thing I noticed was when it was my turn, a little window in the corner showed w/ my video while most of the screen was grey.  I can't remember what it said, but it was something about the artist is looking at your account....not those words, but basically letting you know the Artist is checking out who's next.  Then Haley came on.

I started off fast, but Haley has a way of calming you down, I was still under the impression I had a minute, but Haley never gave off that 'in a hurry' vibe, so I relaxed.  I wonder while the artist is seeing who's next, they set the timer?  That would explain it.  The person wasn't sure it was 4 minutes, but I remember looking at the timer shortly after I started and it was 2:45, so I got what I wanted to say in the alotted time because I was preparing for one minute.

Mind you, this is just my experience, there may be circumstances and doesn't guarantee the next time WON'T be for just a minute.  They're still working things out, but it seems most everyone got more than a minute, but no guarantees.

In the end, it was a pretty fun experience, Haley was in a great mood, all smiles....the only bummer was I was so into asking my questions that I forgot to take a screen cap :/

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