Haley's "Change" & Czech Blind United in Prague
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Haley's "Change" & Czech Blind United in Prague
It seems Haley's little known single "Change (live)" was voted #1 in sessions involving the blind in Prague where they were asked to vote from a list of songs played for them.  I'm not 100% on what exactly the Czech Blind United sessions are doing or testing, just really, really surprised of all of Haley's songs, the author knew her well enough to choose to play a rarely promoted song (outside of my video for the song)....

[Image: EemBDn2U8AEyS_P?format=png&name=small]

From a related article about how this began:

Quote:After a year of negotiations, I finally managed to arrange a music presentation session with SONS (Czech Blind United). It was held in the headquarters of major Czech agency for the blind and visually handicapped. During the two and a half hour session, I presented some of my most favorite songs within ambient/prog rock and the reactions from the people were breathtaking.

Quote:About a year ago, I was really interested to take part in some charitatic activity and I don’t know about other European cities, but in Prague, I do come across a large number of blind people. At the same time, they are some of the friendliest people you can meet and they are always very grateful if you help them with directions or to cross the street. To be honest, I am probably not the most “observant” person on the street, as I am walking with my headphones all the time. Therefore, the impulse to move concentration away from music, has to be really strong. I realized I should be more aware of my surroundings and at the same time, I want to give others a chance to enjoy some heart reaching music. It might have been a stupid, self-centered idea, but when I came to SONS for the first meeting, they were really excited and their president told me: “Wow, we had been looking for somebody like you for years. We organized sessions like these many years ago, but nobody wants to do it for free anymore.”
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RE: Haley's "Change" & Czech Blind United in Prague
A feature interview in Musikus would be nice. The magazine has been around for a long time.

[Image: 102598]

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RE: Haley's "Change" & Czech Blind United in Prague
He mentions the interview would be a Cover interview a nice get on a European magazine Smile
The fact that he chose "Change", a song released w/ barely any promotion outside of a live video, means that he's a fan and could mean a good interview from a European perspective (although we might expect some of the old questions as he's introducing Haley to a 'new' audience')

I sent Haley these links & the screen cap w/ Change and his hope for an interview, she posted the instagram version of their tweet in her story, as did Co-writer, Anders.

She thought the article about "Change" was "very moving".  Haley has said that "Change" was written about us and the environment, I can see how she might be pleased that her message has found another positive use.  I think the odds of an interview are pretty good....

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