Cameo - video request service
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Cameo - video request service
For those who don't know, Cameo is a service where you can request a personal video from a public figure. Haley began participating a few months ago and her rate per request quickly rose due to demand. 

Rodney Ho of the AJC posted this today:

Quote:I was fishing around Cameo, the place you can pay celebrities to send videos or messages to your friends and family to wish them a happy birthday or happy anniversary or just about anything.
Here are some prices for “Idol” alums, with the priciest at top. The prices more or less align to popularity though Haley Reinhart seems relatively expensive compared to her counterparts.

Randy Jackson, judge, first 12 seasons: $350
Haley Reinhart, third place, season 10, $150
Justin Guarini, runner up, season one $100
Colton Dixon, seventh place, season 11: $75
Ruben Studdard, winner season two: $75
Kimberley Locke, third place, season two: $70
Bo Bice, runner up, season five: $50
David Cook, winner, season seven, $50
Paris Bennett, fifth place, season five: $45
Laci Kaye Booth, top five, season 16, $45
Constantine Mouralis, sixth place, season four, $40
Elliot Yamin, third place, season five, $39
Margie Mays, season 18: $39
Blake Lewis, runner up, season six: $39
Brian Dunkleman, host, season one, $39
Elise Testone, sixth place, season 11: $35
Madison Vandenburg, third place, season 17, $30
Diana DeGarmo, second place, season three: $30
Janelle Arthur, fifth place, season 12 $25
James Durbin, fourth place, season 10, $25
Melinda Doolittle, third place, season six: $25
Louis Knight:, sixth/seventh place, season 18 $25
Tamyra Gray, fourth place, season one, $25
Paul McDonald, eighth place, season 10, $20
William Hung, season three, American Idol: $20 for a video, $9.99 for a chat.
Bargain alert! :Sanjaya Malakar, seventh place, season six,t just $15!

I wonder if him not liking Haley when she was on Idol has anything to do with him not linking to her Cameo page. 

Here it is: 

It's definitely a timely source of income given touring is currently restricted. 

An article about Cameo:
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RE: Cameo - video request service
If you got one early, Haley's going rate was $40, more than most start with.  Plus, early on, they offered a discount if you promoted them, but Haley's rate started rising soon after, maybe a week later

He didn't even list Casey, who's rate is $20 

I've asked their twitter several times what the 'Chat' option is?..... Haley's 'Chat' is $5.99 while Casey's is $19.99...

I've done a google search but all I've come up is they offer group Zoom chats which apparently begin at $1000 to $15,000, so that can't be it....

It's actually surprising how some of these people don't seem to take these things seriously and don't appear to even try.

Casey is enthusiastic on his posts and tries to clean up for his message.

At least Haley is presentable and makes an effort, which could explain her popularity cause you at least feel like you got your money's worth....
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RE: Cameo - video request service
"Chat" appears to be Cameo Direct.


A Talent User may offer you the opportunity to send a paid direct message to that Talent User as permitted through the Cameo Direct feature in the App (if the feature is available), as indicated on the Talent User’s profile page.

You may send:

a User-created message (for example, a message of up to a specified number of characters, a video file of up to specified size, etc.) (each such message, and any response sent through the Cameo Direct feature, a “Message”); or
a sticker from among a collection of images made available by Cameo (each such image, a “Sticker”).

After you send a Message or Sticker, the Talent User may, but has no obligation to, respond. In addition, the Talent User may close out the thread at any time.

To send another Message or Sticker, you must pay the applicable price.
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RE: Cameo - video request service
so basically you pay to send them a message w/ no guarantees of a reply?  You can already kind of do that w/ any of Haley's social media, send a message w/ no guarantee of a reply and it would cost you nothing.... 
I guess the artist must decide the charge of a 'chat' as what Haley and Casey charge doesn't make sense, unless a higher charge has a better chance of a reply?

I wonder if it's also the artist who determines the price of a Cameo?  That the price isn't necessarily based on demand?

By how many reviews Casey has compared to Haley (67-24) I'm fairly sure Casey's done many more than Haley.  I'd been checking on and off, unless there were some done privately, I think Haley has done fewer than 30, if not a few more than 24.

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