Haley and her family
12-23-2018, 08:05 PM,
RE: Haley and her family
Haley had her hair done by friends while in town....

[Image: DvJBWVdWoAAXuzD.jpg]

01-23-2019, 09:27 PM,
RE: Haley and her family
The Reinharts have a new family member Smile

[Image: 50919734_1981874442118334_27820607035365...tagram.com]

[Image: 50270622_531691360660473_729197227123708...tagram.com][Image: 49907224_381736052402320_871455200140472...tagram.com][Image: 50623726_397628304340896_599758801664273...tagram.com]


Welcoming the newest member of our familia!!! Mr. Sonny boy Reinhart
I love you
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RE: Haley and her family
Angie singing "La Vie en Rose" en francaise.....this is so beautiful... those Reinhart vocals are ....there are just no words.


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