Haley and her family
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RE: Haley and her family
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Casey's Mom sends Haley BDay wish

Quote:Pam Pierce @pammitzp·8h

@HaleyReinhart TO THE BIRTHDAY GIRL AND THE FAR OUT LOVING FAMILY THAT CREATED HER!  This pic from dinner  on May 24, 2011 just before all us proud parents watched our kids kill it with Tony Bennet and Jack Black at LA Live!  Great huge hugs from Pam & Ira!

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RE: Haley and her family
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RE: Haley and her family
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RE: Haley and her family
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Quote:haleyreinhart Verified

The very 1st Playboy club opened on leap day in my hometown of Chicago; that’s 60 years ago today! I’ve always had an adoring fascination with the entire empire. May be partly due to my Ma, who used to sing at that club and get her checks signed directly from Hugh Hefner himself... She was also one of the first females to receive the honor of having her very own Playgirl Key-Club membership card, in 1973... Oh & the parties at the mansion since the 70’s... Boy do I wish I coulda danced the night away with my favorite rockers there. And the mags featuring all types of women, comfortable in their skin... I know others may view it differently, but it’s always been very empowering to me as a female. Happy anni @playboy
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RE: Haley and her family
Gorgeous guitar duo by Angie and Harry


Dad taught me this today. Something I’ll always remember as a kid, us both singing this song as dad swung me on the backyard swing. I remember tearing up a little
Here comes the sun  and I say, it’s alright

I can’t  Heart this enough  Smile teach me!
04-13-2020, 01:32 PM,
RE: Haley and her family
Quote:haleyreinhart Verified

It’s 'Nature’s Way'... Something to soak into your spirits from the Reinhart family! We may be in different states right now, but we always stick together. #happeaster #staywoke #naturesway #spirit 


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