I'm Casey and I just got signed.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Apparently, Casey's new EP sold out twice at the PMJ show in Chicago, (I think Babbs said she grabbed the last one after they restocked it)

Asked when his EP will be available on iTunes,

Quote:Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy 2h2 hours ago
@HalienRoz @Pat5533 it might be a month or two Smile
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Response to a share on Morgan's AATB video:

Quote:Casey Abrams lived across the hall from me when we were in school. When American Idol ended he would come through town on breaks from his tour and crash on our couch. It's always fun seeing him in these Postmodern Jukebox videos.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
[Image: CVz6lPAUEAA4ENH.jpg]
Quote:PledgeMusicVerified account ‏@PledgeMusic 3m3 minutes ago
.@CaseyBassy on his musical roadmap, @HaleyReinhart and gingerbread: http://smarturl.it/bbud90
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Interesting picture of Casey.

Quote:What makes (PMJ) a good pairing, from your end?

I love recreating songs, even if they’re mine, to sound old or sound new. And that’s kinda what Postmodern Jukebox does. They make everything sound old, and so the band that I just put out the record for, it’s an old sound, and it’s got more of a jazz influence. Like horns and organ, and a lot of improvisation stuff, and thats why it’s the perfect pair for me and my project with Postmodern Jukebox.

Quote:You’ve got the new EP on the way. It’s been a little bit of time since the last record. Has it been longer than you’d like?

Yes. The reason being, because you don’t know what the next step is. I was with a major record label that I thought I was going to work with more, and then that didn’t do well. But, for the most part, I always wanted something to release, again. I’ve been working on new music, even like a couple of the songs that I put on the record on this EP were songs that I had written before the first record, years ago.

Which songs?

“Caught”, and then the track “Never Knew What Love Can Do”.

Quote:I saw where you had Haley [Reinhart] in the studio with you. How was that to work together?

Oh, we constantly work together, it happened to be in the studio this last time, and it was awesome. She kills it. She does backgrounds for a couple of the songs. On “Cougar Town”, she’s singing in the chorus with me. She takes direction really well, but she also adds so much. She added this whole gospel choir in the middle of “Cougar Town” that had harmonies that I would not have thought of. Not only is it fun to work with her, she adds so much to the project.

More (same link John posted above)... http://www.pledgemusic.com/blog/casey-ab...rview-2015
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Here's one of the songs from Casey's new EP, "Just One More Time (These Eyes)" Cool song:

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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 27m
Learn the story of how @pmjofficial met caseybassy plus an interview in a new blog post on… https://www.instagram.com/p/BBgG3eZkw5T/

"As much as Casey appeared to fit the “hippie” stereotype, he was absolutely on top of his game musically. He had suggested that we try a New Orleans take on “I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith, and I began to try out a few ideas. He caught every change I played almost instantly, in the way that only a true natural musician can do. His voice was strong and gruff; he combined blues sensibilities with a bit of Jack Black-style theatrics for a completely unique style, and played the bass with such intensity that I half expected the strings to come off the fretboard. It was clear that music was the most important thing in Casey’s life, and the enjoyment that he showed while playing was 100% genuine."

Quote:Q: You had a painting that you were carrying around for much of the last European tour that you were very determined to take home with you. Did it ever make it home?

Casey: Ahhhh, no, Haley and I got the painting on tour, we were debating who was going to get it, but it’s still at our mutual friend’s house in England. I’m going to hit him up right now. It had a silhouette of naked lady I believe.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
James and Casey covering Prince's Kiss at Moes Ally in Santa Cruz:

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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Had a blast last night with Casey Abrams, Babbs, Penny, Alex & Harry, Patti & Angie Reinhart at SPACE in Evanston, IL. After the show & chatting with Casey for a half hour he showed us the Recording Studio backstage and in the Lounge there the 9 of us either grabbed an instrument, sang or recorded an impromptu jam session on two of the couches. Casey started singing "Hit The Road Jack" on his upright bass as Harry found an abandoned guitar with the 4th string missing and Angie grabbed a tamborine with all the singers in the small room joining in. This was followed by "Midnight Girl"

What a fun unexpected way to end the evening. Better than any priviledged VIP experience I ever had!
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Quote:Former 'Idol' Casey Abrams not idle when it comes to touring

...Through ‘Idol,’ he also befriended Haley Reinhart with whom he recorded a few songs that did decent on radio—the Christmas single, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and a snappy treatment of Ray Charles’ “Hit The Road Jack.”

Reinhart is back with Abrams on his newest recording, a five-song EP titled, “Tales from the Gingerbread House,” released in the first quarter of 2016. “Our voices work well together,” said Abrams, teasing that more collaborations with her are likely. “It’s a lot of fun to work with Haley.”

Abrams’ latest collection of songs has a more seasoned sound than earlier recordings as one might expect from a guy who spends about half of each year on the road.

...“We’re driving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh right now,” said Abrams as his voice crackled across a cell connection lost twice during our chat. “Sorry, man, I’m always on the road and always going down a highway somewhere.” The last time I was at Chicago Street Theatre I had a guitar player and a sax player so it was a different vibe from the show I’m doing now, which has a drummer and a keyboard player. They both sing, so we do a lot of vocal harmonizing this time out. This is more like a true jazz trio style line-up, even though we are doing more rock ‘n’ roll type stuff. I call what we’re doing ‘jazz-rock’ because it’s got that feel, that groove.”

...Abrams’ music is a contemporary blend of pop, rock and jazz with a very “standards” kind of feel to them. He explained that his sound was formulated through an appreciation of all musical styles, and a deep love of jazz and some of the genre’s greatest artists.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
New PMJ video with Casey in the works:

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 12m

Going to rehearse a new @PMJofficial video with @CaseyBassy today- think we should do a Facebook Live stream today??

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