I'm Casey and I just got signed.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Straight No Chaser featuring Casey Abrams

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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
I can see Casey doing a show as one of the members a time or two. He's shown he is vocally versatile Smile
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Many thanks, John.

Straight No Chaser is a fun, good a cappella group and it's nice to hear Casey sing in tune again. My frustration with Casey is that, while he could elevate his audiences to being more discerning because he really is capable of such a high level of musical excellence, he chooses to go the Jack Black path.

And while I try to understand that, it always disappoints me. So this is great! He has to be at least as good as he can be.

For newer folks who, perhaps are unaware of just how impressive Casey could be, take a listen to this "pre-voice change" Casey:

And for those of you unfamiliar with Straight No Chaser, I offer my introduction to this group. Yes, I know it's a bit early, but it is what it is:

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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Quote:A very special song I wrote by myself called "These eyes."

These Eyes (Live) - Casey Abrams

Quote:...Can that friendzone end...
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Of course Casey is doing this ... cool beans

Robot Lovers

Bassist and vocalist, Casey Abrams, will make his Chesky Records debut this Spring with a new album combining electrifying originals and compelling covers. "Robot Lovers" is the first single from this new release, showcasing both the frenetic energy of the band, as well as the unique nature of Abrams' creativity as a songwriter and performer.


Part of the Chesky Binaural + Series, all recorded with a single microphone, the band appears right before you with this spacious, lush and multi-dimensional recording. Now headphone users will hear the same three-dimensional sound and imaging as audiophiles have for the past 30 years with Chesky Recordings. Also these Binaural+ Series albums capture even more spatial realism for the home audiophile market, bringing you one step closer to the actual event. You will hear some of the most natural and pure music ever recorded.

Quote:3D Sound: How to Make a Record Using a Binaural Head


“The dummy head records the whole space that it is in and everything about the sounds around it,” Prout continues. “When we explained this to Jacob Scesney, the saxophone player in Casey’s band, he saw it as an opportunity to add his own special effects by moving 360 degrees around the microphone when soloing on this and one other song — one of the more imaginative uses of the technology.”

[Image: CaseyAbrams_schaer-3841000-400x267.png]
You big dummy—Casey Abrams with his binaural microphone muse. (Photo credit: Julienne Schaer)

Viewers will notice a microphone in front of the dummy head, but this mic is not part of the recording chain. Instead it goes to a PA system in the space, in pursuit of its own effect.

“When a singer gets close to the dummy head the sound is very dry,” explains Prout.

“So we set the extra microphone—a Beyer m160—to keep the singer’s position consistent, and then send a little of the voice to the PA which is how we add reverb. The signal usually goes through a delay line which creates pre-delay. The delay time is usually 120ms-240ms depending on the song.”

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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Another Casey Creep rendition
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
(12-10-2017, 06:32 PM)john Wrote: Another Casey Creep rendition

I think Casey does ok singing the 'vulnerable' stage but I'd prefer him to pick up a melodica when he goes into the more plaintive wailing expressive portions ... maybe even leap between the melodica and an amplified string bass with theme and variation before closing with some vulnerable singing.

But "A" for effort!
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.

New album #3 info at MJ's! He'll be releasing a new album this March called "Put A Spell On You."

It will feature a mixture of classic covers and originals.

Here's the tracklist for those that don't like blog surfing...

1.Robot Lovers
2.Meet the Flintstones
4.I Put A Spell On You
5.Lost and Looking
6.Let’s Make Out
7.Nature Boy
8.Never Knew
9.Georgia on My Mind
10.High Drunk Love You
11.Have You Ever Seen the Rain
12.Moon Song
13.Take The A Train
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
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RE: I'm Casey and I just got signed.
Casey has suffered the loss of a friend. He's currently on tour, but has taken the time to reflect.

Quote:Casey Abrams is with Evan G Fonfa and 4 others.
3 hrs ·

If you knew Brett Fonfa, please share some love, or share a fun story about him. I’ll start.

I went to Coachella in 2014 and saw my good high school buddy Brett and his love Lauren (who took this pic). He had so much knowledge of all the bands and led me to all these amazing acts I’d never heard of before. Not only did he know everything about these bands, but was so passionate about the vibe that was happening on and off stage.

Brett, Lauren and I went to see Beck at the end of the night, and it was Brett’s Birthday! (4/20, haha) we loved every second and as you can see, we were hot and sweaty from dancing around so much.

At the end of the show, Beck introduced every band member, as they took a solo, Brett and I could not stop laughing at how good the band was. We were cracking up because we were so happy to experience such great music together.

Thanks Brett for all the passion and love and laughs and good times and hospitality. I’m so lucky to have grown up with you and still be best buds even after high school.

Much love brother
I’ll miss you forever
I’ll love you forever
Your soul is still everywhere I look and listen ?✌?✨ Sending love to the Fonfas. Haley, Evan, Jodi and Andy.

Quote:Jodi Hale Fonfa

Casey Abrams, this is beautiful. We love you like a son and we want you to stay close to our family forever. You remind us of Brett. It is so important for our family to have all his friends around ..... thank you for this beautiful post
Much love ❤️

It appears Brett passed away on March 8th.

An aunt stated this cause of death.
Quote:Such an amazing , intelligent, strong, creative soul was whisked away. He had a seizure and could not be revived.

Brett Fonfa was a Marketing Consultant at Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Excerpt from his LinkedIn profile:

Quote:When Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino opened, I used my passion for social media creation to speak to the many excited fans through our social channels. I manage a marketing team of 5+ delivering great social/print/video content daily to drive user engagement.

Every day I make time for creative pursuits that fuel my imagination and happiness; I write poetry and prose, I make and consume music, I love film and screenwriting. When I'm not reading a comic book or editing my screenplay, I'm following the latest cryptocurrency news and tending to my portfolio.

The property ran into financial difficulties. It was the first hotel/casino built from the ground up in Vegas since the recession. It was developed by Brett's father and was foreclosed on last month.

Quote:The 2.5-acre resort — consisting of a nine-story hotel and a 27,500-square-foot casino in separate buildings — opened in late 2016 at 300 W. Sahara Ave., just west of Las Vegas Boulevard.

...Lucky Dragon was designed to cater primarily to Asian-American and Asian immigrant customers locally and along the West Coast. Fonfa, the hotel president, expected about 60 percent of the patrons to be locals.

...Chinese gamblers playing at other casinos indicated last year to the Review-Journal that the problem was not Lucky Dragon’s food and entertainment offerings but rather its comparatively stingy gaming and comp policy.


Last year (Feb 2017):

Quote:Lucky Dragon CEO puts home on market for $6.9M

During the 1980s when Las Vegas was a much smaller community, Andrew and Jodi Fonfa met, married and worked hard at their respective careers. By the time the new millennium arrived, they were successful enough to build their dream house in The Ridges of Summerlin.

...Because their kids are now ages 20 to 25, the Fonfas have decided to put the house up for sale, Jodi said. “I have mixed emotions about leaving here. We built it. It was our dream home. We raised our kids here.”

[Image: web1_back-exterior_1800x1200_2592147_7860562.jpg]

Brett's on the left:

[Image: web1_copy_real-mil-luckydragon_7860562.jpg]


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