Jimmy Iovine Honored
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Jimmy Iovine Honored
Quote:The Grammy week celebration that honors producers and engineers, now in its fifth year, has earned a reputation for being a casual and easygoing event with little pretense and considerable camaraderie. It's hardly a surprise that in the Village Studios largest room, where Interscope chief/Beats by Dre co-founder/former producer and engineer Jimmy Iovine was honored with the Recording Academy Presidents Merit Award on Wednesday night, standing in the front row stage left was Dr. Dre while at stage right was Stevie Nicks. No heavy security needed.

Nicks, Dre and an audience that included Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, Will.I.Am, Colbie Caillat, Sheila E. Lady Gaga producer/songwriter RedOne and many more (see below) heard Skylar Grey perform on piano a medley of "I'm Coming Home," "Love the Way You Lie" and "I Need a Doctor" and, after Iovine's 20-minute speech, Lana Del Rey perform "Video Games."

[Image: 1615059-Stevie-Nicks-and-Jimmy-Iovine.jpg]

[And lets not forget the ubiquitous LDR] Singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey performing on stage at the Producers & Engineers Wing Event (Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage)[Image: 1613059-Lana-Del-Rey-Performs.jpg]

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RE: Jimmy Iovine Honored
I made a tweet about that earlier:

Quote:HaleyFansDotCom Miguel
Jimmy Iovine is honored by the Grammy organization and dresses up for the occasion: photo instagr.am/p/GxlLw4Kt2p/ via @instagram
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RE: Jimmy Iovine Honored
Why does he always wear a hat or a cap...is he bald or something?
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RE: Jimmy Iovine Honored
I assume he is bald. In looking for the answer to your question, I came across his (former?) wife talking about their divorce:

Quote:Evidently I filed for divorce on my husband's birthday. Honest to God, I only found out when I read it on a gossip site under the headline, "Playboy Model Has Special Birthday Gift for Music Mogul Husband--Divorce."

...My husband had a really fun father and he, too, is a real Mr. Fun Pants dad--one more thing that made him such a good marriage choice. Now that I think about it, though, that too slightly irritates me now because I feel like the parent who is associated with root canals, SAT prep classes and napkins in laps while he is associated with Saturday lunches at great restaurants, concert tickets and all humor.

...The way I see it, we had a rich and wonderful marriage for over twenty years and then we didn't. It's sort of like we outlived it.


She was the September 1979 Playboy Playmate. Notable for being a lawyer as well. Later wrote a series of "Girlfriends' Guide" books: http://www.girlfriendsguide.com/site/?page_id=12

2007, a band leaves Interscope and leaves a message on the Interscope blog blasting the company and Jimmy Iovine.

Quote:....And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead have issued a statement lambasting their former record label on the company's very own blog.

In the statement, front-man Conrad Keely singles out label boss Jimmy Iovine and blames his alleged relationship with lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger - who is 25 years his junior - for the communication breakdown.

He explained "Trail of Dead has once again made history, this time being the first band to drop Interscope. OK, we're not the first. Actually, Trent Reznor beat us to it. Let's just say we're the first rock band to do so... this year. Ever since label head Jimmy Iovine started dating the lead singer guy of the Pussycat Dolls it became impossible to get him on the phone, so that was a first bad sign. Then their idea of marketing became keeping it a secret that we'd released a record. The industry is in a strange place these days, and the only way they can make money is to sell urban pop music. Which is what I thought we were writing, but apparently I was wrong."

"That's not saying the label didn't do great things for us. At the expense of a massive debt to them of half a million dollars, they really helped us to grow. They've taught us about the worthlessness of A&R people, how to yell at idiots running an art department, and how to shake hands with smiling retailers who have no idea who you are. And I love Jimmy Iovine for having worked with John Lennon and Phil Spector on the Rock and Roll sessions. I mean, that was thirty years ago, and the Rock and Roll sessions sound pretty bad over all, and John Lennon is now dead and Phil Spector has murdered people since then, but hey, that was really cool that Jimmy did that, thirty years ago, back then, and dated Stevie Nicks. He's had a great dating record, he just won't have the next TOD record."

Rather poetically, above the posting on Interscope's website appeared a banner advertisement for Nicole Scherzinger's new album.

I saw a news item in a comment from 2009 that stated his relationship with Nicole was the reason for the divorce. I can't find any other reference to it. Maybe they had it scrubbed?

In any case, Nicole Scherzinger was featured in a coffee table book edited by Jimmy Iovine and Sean Coombs that seeks to ”subtly push society’s standards of beauty – showing off a more genuine, bold, and realistic form and figure."


[Image: PussyCat1.jpg]


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