Music Videos
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RE: Music Videos
(08-25-2012, 11:31 PM)Babbs234 Wrote: Lovinda, This is a cool video too with Buckingham Nicks. makes you wish you were there with them, doesn't it?

Absolutely, they were both so magnetic, but as a couple especially. But Babbs, now that you got me all moonpiemooshy you'll have to endure a one of my more personal ideas of 'wish you were there'.

Juanes - Volverte A Ver
This is an "I love you so much" song, but the lyrics are very weak IMHO; therefore, this video is probably way better if you don't understand the words.

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RE: Music Videos

These are the days of lasers in the jungle...

Glad to see some Bryan Ferry and Cheap Trick on this thread. [Image: 020.gif]

[Image: goaround.gif]
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(08-25-2012, 11:11 PM)Babbs234 Wrote: Wow! Haven't heard Stairway to Heaven in ages. thanks Lovinda

Buckingham Nicks "Crystal"

Nice video Babbs, You could see by the pics that there was true affection between them by their body language, their closeness, the way they looked into each other's eyes. I hadn't heard that song in some time.

Stevie was a true force of nature, so beautiful and every once in a while, you caught glimpses of how similar Haley is to her in that respect.

Here's a vid of a young Stevie just taking off and singing (Wild Heart) while she's having makeup put on Cool

Could totally see Haley just breaking into song when the mood fit her Big Grin

Tusk meets Stevie Blush
Love the part where she shows off her Baton twirling skills...(Like Haley and her Hula Hoops Big Grin)

..and no the song is not how I came up with this name... Tongue , although I did play "Rumors" a ton back then...who didn't?

Just found this vid about Stevie before FM

Big GrinCool
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RE: Music Videos
^^Those are very cool videos you found Tusk! Big Grin It's always fun to see behind the scenes. And yes, I could imagine Haley fitting right in.
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RE: Music Videos
"Listen Up!" related songs

Oh My Love, My Darling (Unchained Melody) Righteous Bros... I know, a stretch Tongue

Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Tellin' Me Lies (April Wine)

Wasted (The Runaways) tip of the hat to LovinDa Wink

Undone, the Sweater Song (Weezer)

Here With Me (Dido)

Boogie Wonderland (Earth Wind and Fire)

Baby Come Back (Player)

Run For Your Live (Beatles)

Walking On The Moon (The Police)

Follow You Follow Me (Genesis)

Spiderwebs (No Doubt)

You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)

Runaway (Jefferson Starship)
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RE: Music Videos
(08-24-2012, 10:48 PM)LovinDaHaley Wrote:
Ya, I hear that T-Man. Same here, and now, "I, I live among the creatures of the night... I'm living in the forest of the dream"...

The Laura Branigan - Self Control

She passed on in 2004 RIP. Laura was a real power singer of the 80s JUst found out.
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RE: Music Videos
RIP Andy Williams

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RE: Music Videos
It was this news that made me look up some songs that were just before my generation that I enjoyed as a child.... Burt Bacharrach had a few of them.... a simpler time....

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RE: Music Videos
The top seller at iTunes is Adele's James Bond song - "Skyfall"

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RE: Music Videos
Haley's Blind Faith cover <---- has had me poking around on YT.

Steve Winwood:


Can't Find My Way Home Contest (very selective though).


Yvonne Elliman -- could have been a contender but she jumped the gun by a few decades.

Mr. Winwood announces the winners...

The contest winner:

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