"Free" Official Music Video
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RE: "Free" Official Music Video
Glad you joined Haleyfans, Kevin. I’ve felt that Haley’s phrasing of “Free” has always provided the song a jazzy feel. The acoustic settings and slowed tempo accentuated the effect and possibly made it more a jazz tune, but for me Haley’s propensity for jazz came through in “Free” from the beginning.

Having said that I think Haley’s rendition of “Free” with Harry and Keith is one of the best jazz versions I’ve heard. At this point I can’t tell the difference between Tusk’s film and sound editing and production from a professional outfit. Thanks Tusk.
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RE: "Free" Official Music Video
I appreciate that, thanks Blush

but most of the time one is as good as what he or she has to work with. With Haley, there's so much to chose from to make it look good. 99% of the credit goes to her. I'm just lucky to have the #Halien help I get to put these videos out and to have the opportunity to capture and share some of the amazing 'moments' I've had the chance to be a witness to Wink

I'm hoping to get some video from the SMYM shoot from a #Halien to look over. I hope to have enough useable video (not ruined by the sound of ever present high winds Tongue) to put something out about some of the goings on during the shoot Wink #FingersCrossed

The audio of this video was probably helped by the fact that they were underneath a plane, that might have provided some cover. The video I recorded, you couldn't even hear the music being played for Haley to lip sync to, the Wind was so loud Undecided
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RE: "Free" Official Music Video
Less than 100,000 views needed to get to 3 mil. Heart
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RE: "Free" Official Music Video
A little discussion on Twitter on when "Free" was available, some got the download the night of the 19th when it 'officially' was released the 20th.

Either way, it seems Haley was creeping her Twitter and posted a clip from the video to celebrate "Free"'s 6th year anniversary


Thanks to my #haliens aka the best fans in ze world, for reminding me it’s the six year anniversary of my very first single, "Free!" I was 20 when I recorded it in the craziness that is Times Square & probably 21 when we filmed this video... Time flys when you’re livin’ yo dreams! It was cool working with the director & sending in my own treatment (as I always do.) Shout out to @busbee & @luciesilvas for writing this gem. It’s important to me that I write/co-write all my non-cover songs... This one was the exception that I resonated with deeply & so began my artistic journey... #free #listenup Heart

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